What To Do When Xbox One Turns Off After Getting Plugged Into The Console?

Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into console

Did you want to play some games but find that your console wasn’t working correctly? For example, maybe you found out that your Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into console? If that’s the case, then I can help.

Here I will tell you about all the ways you can fix this issue.

How Can You Fix The Issue Of Your Xbox One Turning Off?

Know that there can be multiple reasons behind your power supply shutting down just when it has been just plugged into the console. Here, I will describe those reasons and tell you how you can fix them in every case.

Clean Your Power Supply

Sometimes dust buildup over the years can disrupt electrical connections. As such, you need to clean out the dust on the inside and the outside of your power supply. After this, you can try plugging it into your console again.

 Hard Reset The Power Cycle

Sometimes you need to let out the electricity present in the power supply even after the power switch has been shut off. You can do this by hard resetting the machine. Here are the steps to follow for that:

  • First, you need to pull out the power cord of the power supply from the wall outlet.
  • But do remember to keep it connected to the Xbox One.
  • Now, you need to press the button that’s present on your console for about 30 secs. This will discharge all the excess electricity.
  • After this, you need to plug in the power cord of the power supply to the wall outlet.
  • Now, start your console. It should ideally work after this.

Try A Different Power Supply:

It’s better to determine right away if your power supply is actually at fault here. So if possible, you need to test your console with a different power supply.

Now, if you can’t access the power supply of a friend, then you can call Best Buy, GameStop, etc., and inquire if they will allow you to test your console on a different power supply.

If you find out that it is indeed the power supply at fault, they can also provide you with a replacement if they have it. But if that other power supply stops working too, then the console is the main culprit, and need to take it for repair.

However, if it works with another power supply, then you need to buy a new xbox one.

Repair Your Console

If nothing is starting up your console, then it needs to get fixed. If you still have a warranty on your console, you can request a full repair at 

Make sure to register the console online, as that’s the only way you will be able to get a replacement under warranty. But if you don’t have a warranty, then you are out of options.

One last option is that you can take your console to an unauthorized repair center to fix it as a last-ditch effort. This is because the Xbox One original console or its power supply box isn’t made by Microsoft any longer.

As such, I would advise you first to clean out the power supply and then complete a hard reset. If that doesn’t work, you need to check if your console is working fine with another power supply. That will help you determine if it’s your console at fault or the power supply. “Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into console

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