How To Fix Xbox One Controller Bumper Loose?

Xbox One controller bumper loose

Xbox is a popular video gaming company founded by windows. The brand has offered several other Xbox gaming series that have gained equal fame in the gaming industry. However, just like any technical obscurity, you may also find a few problems while dealing with an Xbox. And, loose bumper in Xbox controller is one of the common struggles faced by a lot of people. But if you don’t know how to fix Xbox One controller bumper loose, you don’t need to worry!

In this article, you will find the simplest steps and processes that will help you fix your problem in an instant.

Fix Xbox One controller in simple steps

The following are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow in order to fix the loose bumper in your controller:

1. First step

First, you need to carefully remove the battery cover from the gaming controller and remove the batteries. Once done, you need to disclose the screw or pull out the sticker carefully. After this step, you are all set for step two.

2. Second step

To begin with the second step, you need to first remove the handles. Once done, you need to poke the side panel back and forth. Next, you need to remove seven clips from both sides. After that, follow the same steps for the other side of the Xbox controller as well.

3. Third step

Once you are done with the second step, you need to use the TORX TR8 screwdriver. These will help you to remove the TR9 TORX screws. When you do so, it will help you to remove the faceplate from the controller. After this part is done, you are all set to fix Xbox one controller bumper loose.

4. Fourth step

Once you dismantle the controller, you can easily see the bumpers. You may try to clean the sides with a cotton cloth to make sure the sides are perfectly free of dirt. You can do that by simply pressing the home button and pushing it in an upward direction. When you complete the process, remove the bumper. During this process, make sure to put the sync button properly.

5. Fifth and the final step

You can make the necessary changes to your Xbox controller after completing the dismantling process. First, make sure to align the bumpers and pin down the screws properly. Once done, you need to set up the new home button of your old Xbox One gaming controller. Finally, put back all the pieces, and here is your brand new Xbox one new controller with new and tight bumpers.


Loose Xbox One control bumpers are not a big deal at all. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps that will fix your problem in an instance. In fact, you can also seek for expert help when you want to improve the Xbox controller bumper loose without messing up a bit.

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