Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself?


If your Xbox switches on by itself, then it might have spooked you for some time. After that, we are sure that it must have annoyed you. So once you have ruled out ghosts and pets, you must be wondering- Why does my Xbox one turn on by itself? So to help you out, I am here. I will tell you why your Xbox One switches on without you wanting it to.

What Are The Reasons For Your Xbox One Switching On?

Here are the reasons why your console might get switched on by itself:

Your Power Button Could Be Sensitive

Know that the power key of your Xbox One is capacitive rather than being a physical one. As such, anything from your pet’s tail brushing against the button to just dust and debris may be switching it on. Thankfully, there is an easy solution. So if this is indeed the issue, then you should wipe down the power button.

Know that you need to use a dust cloth to get this wiping done. While cleaning, make sure that you pay attention to the area around the button and clear anything that might affect it.

There Might Be A Controller Failure

Your controller has an Xbox button, and it might be switching on your Xbox One. So you need to test your controller. Note that you can test it by removing the batteries of your controller for some time and then noting if there is any difference in its performance.

Along with this, also make sure that the power button hasn’t been stuck down. If it has, then it is the thing that’s causing all of your issues. However, if this isn’t solving your problems, you need to get hold of a new controller or take the one you have to a repair shop.  

The System Updates Are The Issue

If your Xbox one has been turning on automatically and especially at night, then you need to check if the system updates function is enabled or not. If it is enabled, then you need to disable it. This will solve the issue.

Also, note that if your Xbox one isn’t fully updated, then it will switch on to update itself automatically. So it’s advised that you fully update the console and then disable the feature that allows for automatic updates. This will stop the console from turning on erratically. 

Your TV Might Be Behind It

You should note is that some television sets can switch on your Xbox One by the HDMI cable. So when you switch on your TV, your Xbox will also get turned on. Know that you need to look into your TV’s features and settings to solve this issue. After all, different TVs have different controls.

Could Cortana Be Causing This?

Know that you can give various commands if you own a Kinect-powered device. So if you say ‘Xbox One,’ then Cortana will switch on your console. As such, Cortana or even the Kinect tool may be misinterpreting the phrases that are similar to “Xbox on.”

So you need to test if this is the reason why your Xbox One is booting abruptly. For this, head to the “Power And startup” settings option. When there, you need to disable the feature that allows you to start up the console with the help of voice commands.

Know that there is no need for you to disable the Kinect. So if your Xbox has stopped switching itself on erratically after disabling the voice command, then you know that it was the main culprit. 

Power Cycle Your Xbox One

If the above tips aren’t working, then you need to do power cycling. For this, you need to unplug the power cord of your console and then wait for some time. Then after some time has passed, you have to plug it again. Know that doing this does help fix minor software issues that might be causing the console to turn on all by itself.

If you find that your Xbox One is turning on by itself, you need to investigate the matter by trying out the six solutions listed above. Generally, these five tips should solve your issue. But if it doesn’t, even then, there is no need to worry. In such a situation, you need to contact Microsoft Xbox One support service. They will be able to guide you and offer technical assistance.

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