Why Does My Xbox Keep Disconnecting From The Internet? New Trick

Why Does My Xbox Keep Disconnecting From The Internet

Xbox disconnecting from the internet is a very common loophole most users tend to deal with over the years. Most of the frequent reasons are when you set up a wireless setup that helps you connect to the internet. Other than that, Xbox server, console malfunction, and local internet problem are the other three big reasons you may wonder why does my Xbox keep disconnecting from the internet?

But do not worry because along with these issues, there are also certain easy ways that will help you fix the problem instantly. Because this is the ultimate hub of solution, you have been looking for!

Ways To Make Sure Your Xbox Doesn’t Disconnect From The Internet

Fixing the internet problem is pretty easy, especially when it is related to your Xbox. Here are the top 6 ways that will give a solid answer to your query.

1. Low bandwidth

If you have more than just a few devices connected to your modem/router, it could also lead to disturbing the connection. In that case, you must disconnect all the devices except for your Xbox consoles. If low bandwidth is the reason, disconnecting unwanted devices could help you.

2.  Xbox outage

Xbox outage can also cause disconnection problems to your Xbox. To check the live status of your Xbox’s server, you need to check out the official Live Server Status Page.

3. Change your modem

A bad modem can also cause internet issues, so if you wonder why does my Xbox keep disconnecting from the internet, a bad modem or a broken router can be a solid reason. You can try to use a different or rather a new connection section.

4. Enable DMZ

Enabling DMZ on your modem can help you to free up the Xbox. However, you may require expert help, such as your Internet service provider to do this. They will help you to set up DMZ. Once it is done, you can then run an internet test and fix the problem in an instant.

5. Try different internet setup

If you majorly use wireless internet setups, try to change the setup by changing it to a wired internet setup. You may also require to contact your internet service provider for assistance.

6. Restart your Xbox

Restarting your Xbox is one of the best options for you. Doing so can fix internet issues in few seconds. All you need to do is, press the Xbox button and wait till the lights turn off. Once done, you need to unplug the cord and wait for 2-4 minutes. Put all the cords back and turn on the Xbox. This method will refresh the system so you can enjoy playing on Xbox again.


Xbox is a great gaming operation that allows you to enjoy the exclusive games of new the new generation. However, it does come along with small issues that are easy to manage. So next time if your friend asks you ‘why does my Xbox keep disconnection from the internet?’ you know exactly what to do.

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