Why Does My PS4 Controller Works in The Big Picture But Not In-Game?

PS4 Controller Works in The Big Picture But Not In-Game

Playing a PS4 game generally means that you have to click on the game and then begin playing. But sometimes, using a PS4 controller doesn’t make things that smooth, especially if you are using it to play Steam games. So sometimes, you might find that your PS4 controller works in the big picture but not in-game.

Gamers will know that Big Picture is a Steam mode that allows you to play your Steam games easily on your TV using a game controller. Know that this full-screen mode can be used for computer display as well. So the question that you might have is- why is your PS4 controller not working during the game but working during the big picture?

That’s what I am here to answer to.

Why Is Your PS4 Controller Not Working In The Game?

There can be multiple reasons behind your PS4 not working in the game but working in the big picture. The first one is connections. Check if your PS4 controller is plugged in correctly and if it’s working well. Know that sometimes loose connections can make it seem like the controller is working in one space and not in the other.

Also, check if the controller itself is functioning well by checking it on another system. If the problem is with the connection or the controller, then fix it. But if it’s not, then the issue might be because of your controller settings. Note that your controller might not work because the game might have a default setting for another thing, for example, a joystick.

So you will have to fix that.

How To Make Your PS4 Controller Work In The Game?

Here I will tell you how you can make your PS4 controller work in the game:

  • Go into the game Settings and then choose the Controller option.
  • After that, go to the General Controller Setting option. You will find that a new window will show up from where you will choose the controller you are using.
  • After doing this, load the game, then your controller should work perfectly. Note that you might have to do this for every game you play.


What To Do if The Solution Doesn’t Work?

If your default setting for the controller is PS4, but even after that, if you find that the controller isn’t working, then here are some more solutions that you can try:

  • Restart the system: Sometimes, restarting the entire system can help put things back in place. As such, then you can play the game with ease again.
  • Controller mapping: Some players have reported that controller mapping helped them use their controllers in the game again.

Generally, if you change the game settings to enable PS4 controller, that should solve the problem. But if not, then do try controller mapping or restarting the system. However, if those don’t work, then you should contact the customer helpline for Steam games. They will tell you the correct solution to the problem so that you can get gaming again.

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