Why Does Chrome Use So Much RAM?

Why Does Chrome Use So Much RAM

Have you ever looked at the list of applications that take up the most RAM? Then you will notice that Google Chrome tends to be a familiar face there. Moreover, you will find that Chrome’s RAM usage is glaringly high compared to some other browsers. This, in turn, might make you ask- why does chrome use so much RAM? So let us find out the answer to this question. But first, we need to know:

Does Chrome Make Use Of More RAM?

The short answer is yes. It indeed does. You should note that one of the reasons why Google Chrome is the fastest among all the other browsers is due to its excessive RAM usage. However, it must be said that there have been continuous changes done to Chrome to improve its memory usage.

Why Does Chrome Use Excessive RAM For Operation?

To understand this, you need to know how browsers work. Know that every browser or app uses your PC’s RAM to run itself. After all, it’s in the RAM that temporary data gets stored since it’s a high-speed memory. Your CPU can even access the data found in the RAM faster than the SSD. So, any browser, whether it is Microsoft Edge or Chrome, stores all kinds of plugins, tabs, and extensions in various RAM processes. Now, this storing process is known as isolation and helps prevent one specific process from getting overlapped with another.

This is why there are multiple entries from Google Chrome every time you launch the Task Manager application. Each entry depicts different processes. But of course, when you add it all up, the load turns out to be high.

Why Is Each Process Run Separately?

You might think that if every extension, plugin, tab, etc., was run in one process together by Chrome, then there’s a chance the load will reduce. However, then there will be less stable. After all, the primary reason behind running the processes separately is only stability. If anyone process fails or crashes, the whole browser will still stay stable. For example: if a plugin crashes, then all you have to do is refresh the tab. But if all the extensions and tab were run in one process, you would have to close and then restart the entire browser. 

Apart from stability, you also get security due to using various processes for different tabs and extensions. For example, note that if a JavaScript-enabled attack happens in a Chrome tab, you can rest assured that it won’t go over to another chrome tab. But if you use a single-process activity browser, then the attack could spread to all the tabs.

However, there is one easy way to prevent Chrome from using so much RAM. All you need to do useless extensions. After all, the more extensions you use, the more Random Access Memory or RAM your Chrome needs to use. Note that if you are using a lower range device that doesn’t have the resources required to make Chrome run on full power, Chrome will consolidate all the tabs into one process. So due to this, there will be less load on the system. But you will also have to grapple with less stability.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers currently in the market. But it does need a lot of RAM to run fast. However, this RAM doesn’t just provide speed. It also ensures that your system remains stable as well as protected. You should also note that Chrome is aware of the memory it is hogging. As such, once it reaches a personal internal limit, it switches to just one process.

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