What Is DVD RAM? Definition?


Before there were USB flash-drives, there was DVD RAM. If you haven’t heard of it before, then you must be waiting to ask- what is DVD RAM? So note that the product stands for Digital Versatile Disc Random Access Memory. These are writable DVDs where you can erase the content and then write it again. So it was used for storing information.

Why Is DVD RAM Better Than The Other Two DVD Formats?

The most significant difference between other writable DVDs and DVD RAM is that it offers advanced error and problem correction. Not to mention that it also offers defect management support as well. These features make the DVD more reliable, although it must be said that it does slow down the data transfer rate for the disc.

History of DVD RAM- Cartridge, Storage, and Sides

Note that the earliest DVD RAM discs needed a closing cartridge. Due to this, it couldn’t fit into many of the DVD ROMs and DVD players. So a separate DVD RAM drive was needed to make use of those discs. But the newer ones can be made use of without any cartridge so that you can use them with any DVD player. Just note that the player needs to support that

Along with the lack of an enclosing cartridge, there has also been an improvement in the DVD RAM size. This is because one of the first DVD-RAM discs could hold only 2.6 GB while the newer ones can easily carry 9.4 GB. Not to mention that the previous ones were single-disc ones while there are double-sided ones now.

Advantages of Using DVD RAM

Long life: Know that if there’s no physical damage, then this disc will be able to retain data for three decades. As such, it is excellent for storing archival data or data you are planning to pass on to the next generation.

Huge rewriting time: Know that you can rewrite a DVD of 3× speed 100,000+ times. Note that this is only possible for the discs with the lowest speed write. For DVD±RW,you can rewrite it around a thousand times. As such, the faster the DVD is, the lesser rewrites there will be. So at five times the speed, there will be 10,000 rewrites. 

Easy to use: You don’t need to use any DVD-burning software for rewriting. These discs are like hard discs but just removable. Most operating systems can write on it directly. But if you are using anything older than Windows Vista, then you will need device drivers.

Protect tabs: Know that DVD has write-protect tabs that help prevent accidental deletion. So your data will be safe.

DVD- RAM isn’t currently used by many since there are faster and better store data. But even then, people use these discs to store data for long periods cheaply. After all, if there’s no physical damage, then your data will be safe for decades. Now, that’s not a guarantee which a lot of flash drives can give nowadays.

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