What Is Computer Imaging?

What Is Computer Imaging

Have you ever seen a Marvel movie? Or perhaps a DC one? Then, know that all the magic and flying scenes are a result of computer imaging. But you will possibly be better familiar with the term CGI. However, CGI or Computer Generated Images are just one part of computer imaging. So do you want to know what is computer imaging in detail? As well as all the parts of it? Then let us begin.

What does it mean?

The entire field of computer science that covers digital images and especially bit-mapped images is known as computer imaging. In Computer Imaging, computers help create, display, and edit various graphical characters, images, and objects. To accomplish the manipulation of graphical objects and more, one can use various applications.

You should also note that another word of computer imaging is digital imaging as well. In this wide-ranging field, scanning, digital photography, manipulation of various bit-mapped graphics, and composition are included. In fact, computer imaging includes resizing, shading, coloring, blending, editing, and texturing images. So all of your photo-shopped images are also counted in digital or computer imaging.

How Is Digital Or Computer Imaging Done?

Computer imaging is classified accurately by the kind of electromagnetic radiation/waves and the variable attenuation they have. Also, as these waves reflect or pass through objects, that gives people the information which makes the image. However, no matter the kind, the information converts using image sensors and that too into digital signals, which then processed by your computer. The output that you get is a visible-light picture.

For example, visible light ensures that digital photography/videography gets done by using various kinds of video cameras. Another unique example is that of X-rays. Know that x-rays allow you to carry out digital x-ray proper imaging like CT and radiography. Also, note that the gamma rays let digital gamma-ray appropriate imaging like PET and SPECT happen.

What Are The Applications?

Some commonly used applications for generating computer graphics are:

LightWave 3D

Lightwave 3D is one of the most popular animation software. One can use it for carrying out 3D as well as static rendering. In fact, many animators swear that it has such excellent rendering speed that no other application can match it. This allows people to carry out seamless renderings. Also, this software allows users to make use of polygon as well as subdivision animation. Now, this is something that many other animation software doesn’t allow.


This is a 3D modeling program that helps animate and render images. Introduced back in 1994, this application is still in use, and in fact, it is one of the very best in the market. Its easy and straightforward user interface is the primary reason it has been able to hold on to this position.

What Are The Advantages?

Computer imaging comes with a tonne of advantages in everyday life. These are:

  • Thanks to digital imaging, there’s easy access to word documents and photographs. This makes knowledge more accessible and books more searchable.
  • There’s electronic transmission/sending of images to third-party providers like consultants, insurance carriers, and dentists in the medical world due to computer imaging.
  • It is an environmentally friendly process since there’s no need to use paper or chemical processing.
  • With the help of computer imaging, digital reconstruction of damaged or partially damaged photographs is possible.
  • Digital or computer imaging benefits the film industry a lot. After all, it makes it possible to produce realistic-looking sci-fi movies.

Computer imaging is a technological marvel that has made it possible to carry out contactless photograph manipulation in just the drop of a hat. With this method’s help, one can edit and then re-edit a photo unless it becomes the one you want to see.

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