What Does the ‘Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage’ Option Mean?

What Does the 'Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage' Option Mean

Do you love playing games? Obviously, you do, and that’s why you have the Xbox sitting in your home. But to play games, you need to first power on the Xbox and carry out some configurations. Now, while setting up your Xbox, you might have seen an option called ‘Xbox is off turn off storage.’ This might have confused you. So if you are not sure about what this means or when the Xbox is off turn off storage option should even be used by you. You have come to the right place.

Here I will tell you all about what the option means and what its purpose is.

What Does ‘Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage’ Mean?

First of all, know that this option only shows up when you choose the ‘Instant On’ option from the Power On And Startup Menu. Now that we have made that clear, it’s time for you to understand how Xbox works. This will allow you to have a clear idea about the purpose of the ‘Xbox is off turn off storage’ option.

In the default mode, Xbox allows downloads to go on in the background. So this means that when you are playing a game, downloads are happening in the background. The console ensures that downloads are happening even when the Xbox is turned off.

However, not everyone might find this idea appealing. After all, not everyone wants to wake up to useless updates and downloads that happened when they were asleep. If you are one of those people, then the ‘Xbox is off turn off storage‘ is for you.

As the name says, the Xbox will not download anything when it has been switched off in this option. So the external storage disk will be switched off.

When Should You Use The ‘Xbox Is Off Turn Off Storage’ Option?

As said above, this option is perfect if you want to have more control over what you want to download. But many first-time Xbox users tend to turn this option off. After all, it ensures that players have some games downloaded and ready to play when they wake up. However, later on, you can turn this option off anytime you want.

Can You Turn The Xbox Off When It’s Updating?

Know that your Xbox has this ‘Xbox is off turn off storage’ option to prevent downloads from happening when it is switched off. This doesn’t mean that you should turn off the Xbox to prevent a system update that’s going on right then. Know that if you do so, it will severely affect the console to the point that it cannot work at all.

So now you know that your off console will not download anything when the ‘Xbox is off turn off storage’ option is on. You can access it under the ‘Instant On’ option. With the help of this option, you will be able to have more control over the downloads of your console. However, if you find that the option isn’t working, then you can contact Microsoft Xbox’s customer support services for help.

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