How To Run a Game Without Enough Dedicated Video RAM?

run a game without enough dedicated video RAM

This part of RAM is especially dedicated to running graphics-related activities on the computer. It is responsible for making sure that all the graphics are run in a regular manner. All the image and graphic data of your computer are stored here. Its function has become really important in gaming. Now addressing the question, can I run a game without enough dedicated video ram, so the answer is Yes. You can smoothly and easily run it.

In fact, You might not have serious issues in operating your computer unless you exceed the video ram limit. This can lead your computer to perform sluggishly, the files might take much time to load or even lead to the hanging of your computer in the middle of the operation.

For instance, GPUs with 6 or 3GB ram can handle some advanced games at 1080p. This will be enough for you to play games at 4k resolution. But, you might come across issues with your computer as you continue without a well-dedicated video ram.

In some cases, though, going beyond the limit of your VRAM won’t be problematic but remember, it will miserably spoil your gaming experience. So, if you need fun and fewer issues while running your favorite games, get your VRAM updated.

What is a Graphics Card, and is 128MB VRAM enough?

Graphic cards are the center of your gaming performance, and having one of them with better performance and that too at a good experience, will perfectly secure your gaming performance. There are various options available for graphic cards, and so it’s on you to decide which card suits you and your computer the best, keeping the price in mind.

Plus, the minimum requirement is 125MB. But, if DDR3 VRAM is used, then a maximum 256-bit interface will be recommended. It is an expansion card that your computer uses for depicting the images. Without a graphic card, your computer won’t display anything. Thereby, graphic cards help the computer in displaying the output.

The Graphic card renders images to the monitor by converting data into signals. In gaming, graphic cards make the processing time of the image faster. Though graphic cards come with royal prices and expenses, going after them for once is a good option, especially for professional gamers.

Remember that running the game without a dedicated video ram can get you in trouble with your computer. But this also depends on the kind of games you are playing. If some of the games require low video ram usage, you’re safe to some extent. But if your game requires much usage of video ram, then you better start looking for better-performing graphic cards at whichever price you prefer. So now you must start rethinking about whether or not can I run a game without enough dedicated video ram. The answer conveyed in the article can be both yes and no for the above-discussed reasons.

The best five VRAM

Some of the best graphic cards are as follows:

1. Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 is much faster than previous gen GPUs and gives an excellent performing experience. Plus, it also comes with a brilliant MSRP and can work up to 4k ultra at 60fps and even more. In case, you feel that you should have the highest quality graphic card at your disposal, then this is the card for you. It can work 30 % faster than other graphic cards, but it comes with a good cost. So, buy it if you are serious about having an absolutely hassle-free gaming experience. Unfortunately, the prices of Nvidia’s GeForce can go up to some royal, unaffordable numbers, making it inaccessible for many users.


  • Powerful ray tracing performance
  • Improvised DLSS
  • Coolest and creative designs.


  • Bounded by a power limit, it consumes a lot of power.
  • It might not be budget-friendly.
  • Founders Edition does not have a USB-C.

2. Radeon RX 6800 XT

Radeon RX 6800 XT will provide you with much VRAM in the coming time. It comes along with brilliant features and performances but is way too expensive. Plus, it can easily handle 4k and 1440p, but it has an average ray tracing performance. However, one good aspect of the 6800 XT is its massive 128MB Infinity Cache which improves the effective bandwidth by 119%.


  • Provides a very strong DX11 performance.
  • Better for 1440p and 4k gaming.
  • Has a 7-nanometer production process.


  • Poor ray tracing performance.
  • Requires 750W of power supply.
  • Can have driver-stability issues in the long run.

3. GeForce RTX 3090 Ti

Than the previous generation of 3090, GeForce RTX 3090 Ti much faster by say 4 to 5 %. It has the fastest GPU and goes up to not just 4K but even 8k gaming. So, it can enhance your gaming experience to a very great degree. To spoil the fun, it’s 20 to 30% costlier than the previous 3090 but comes with a brilliant performance. This particular graphic card also has greater demand when it comes to power usage. So keep in mind all these points before you buy this one.


  • Provides the best gaming performance.
  • Can handle 60 FPS 4K gaming smoothly.
  • Way too faster than the previous versions.


  • High power requirements all the time.
  • Unfairly expensive.
  • Because of its large size, it might not fit all types of cases.

4. Radeon RX 6700 XT

Radeon RX 6700 XT comes with an average RT performance, but great 1080p and 1440p performance. It makes room for plenty of VRAM, which is good for future requirements. Plus, it boosts performance by 25% for it has more cache and a great clock speed which is a plus point. Also, what adds to its merit is that it’s available at quite affordable prices. Overall, it comes with a good price and greater performance and value.


  • Provides reasonable headroom for overlocking
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Does not consume much power.


  • Poor ray tracing performance.
  • The fans are really noisy.
  • The temperatures are quite higher when under stress.

5. GeForce RTX 3060

GeForce RTX 3060 is one of the first GA106 cards to come with a 12GB VRAM and 192-bit memory interface. It serves a better 1080p and 1440p performance. Plus, it is not too pricey for its performance and comes with a reasonable price and value. The 12GB definitely gives it a limited benefit, making it mediocre compared to other graphic cards.


  • Superb ray tracing performance.
  • The size is small and looks cool.
  • Has a full Ampere feature Set.


  • Lacks speedy performance.
  • Offers a very little headroom in advanced games.
  • It might not be a great choice for 1440p.


Now, even if you can run through your game without having a dedicated video ram, remember you will face issues [irregularly] during your gaming experience. So to have a better performance and gaming experience, the graphic cards can rescue you from your terrible gaming experiences.

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