What To Do When RAM Not Running At The Advertised Speed?

ram not running at the advertised speed

Struggling with your computer’s ram, are you? You might have bought that ram being said that it will run according to so and so speed. But, then you finally use it and realize it’s not working according to its greatly advertised speed. Now, this must lead to a lot of pessimism about why is the ram not running at the advertised speed. However. you may feel a lot of irritation and annoyance, but there are simpler and more direct answers for why your ram must not be working at the given speed. This article would be approaching the reasons because of which such a problem would arise. Now, before addressing some of the root problems which might create trouble with your ram, let us form an understanding of a few important terms to analyze the problem.

But, if you are new to technology, do not worry. In this article, we will tell everything about when RAM does not run at the advertised speed. So, keep reading to learn more.

What are XMP and BIOS?

In basic words, the term means Extreme Memory Profil,e which helps the user change the settings in BIOS to enable easy overclocking of ram. So now it is like a one-click way that automatically discerns the optimal settings of the ram and makes the required modifications.

To jump to make the required settings through XMP, you need to go to the BIOS of your computer. BIOS is the Basic Input and Output System of your computer, which is already embedded in the motherboard. So to boot up your system is what is the job of BIOS.

Causes for ram not working according to the said speed.

Now keeping the two terms in mind, let’s get to our problem of why is the ram not running at advertised speed. But, before moving on, you can check the speed at which your ram is running. If it’s working accordingly, well and good. If not, then there can be many reasons:

Is your XMP on? If not, do it.

Your ram will not run at its advertised speech unless you have switched on XMP, which is what we read above is Extreme Memory Profile. Once you switch it on, XMP will access the settings and details of your ram and will automatically apply the changes on the computer. Thus, making the ram work at the advertised speech. Suppose you bought the DDR4 RAM, which runs at 4000 MHz, then your computer will run at a speed of 2133MHz {in a case where your XMP is off}.

After getting to the BIOS of your computer, you’ll find an option to activate your XMP. Once it’s done, the ram will work according to the required speed.

Support of the motherboard and the CPU

In case, your central processing unit and the motherboard work at some particular speed, then the advertised speed of the ram will not do. However, your computer will still run at the same speed as your motherboard and the CPU. Now to solve this issue, you can come up with no solution but to change your CPU and the motherboard. However, we have the latest models of motherboards and CPUs coming, which support all types of frequencies and do not need to be changed.

5 Best RAM for speed

Some of the best rams which you can go for are as follows:


The timings of TEAM XTREEM ARGB DDR4 – 3600MHZ C14 16-16-16-39 offer a great speed along with giving control of lighting and customization of many things like colors and effects. Plus, it includes systematic modules that consist of an aluminum alloy heat spreader. In fact, because of the advertised DDR4-3600 speed, the module becomes a good option for AMD Ryzen based builds.


  • Comes with a CAS 14 low latency.
  • One of the affordable kits with better performance and speed.
  • One of the best-looking kits with quality.


  • The product is quite difficult to look for and purchase.
  • Offers a mediocre limited overclocking headroom.


KINGSTON FURY BEAST 32GB DDR5-4800 KIT is one of the outstanding kits to provide excellent performance and speed for the latest and most advanced games. Plus, it has some innovative features like 32-bit subchannels for better efficiency and ECC to manage stability at an intense speed. Other than thatm it also comes with a new feature of PMIC, which is the Power Management Integrated Circuit.


  • Updated and advanced features.
  • Short memory and good performance.
  • It has high latency compared to other kits.


  • Too expensive to be bought.

3. SKILL TRIDENT Z5 RGB DDR5-6000 {2 X 16GB}

SKILL TRIDENT Z5 RGB DDR5-6000 {2 X 16GB} has been one of the fastest memory kits, which comes at a great price. In fact, it provides the best timings and comes with great looks and excellent performance. Moreover, the memory it offers can work up in tight timings and is not unnecessarily limited.


  • Comes with a great OC potential.
  • Performance and speed are the next levels.
  • Can run in tight timings.


  • The only problem with this memory kit is that it waters your eyes with its high cost.

4. SAMSUNG DDR5-4800 {2x16GB}

SAMSUNG DDR5-4800 {2x16GB} memory kit comes with a good performance but is not great when compared to the above ones. Also, it does not have that great looks but has good overclocking headroom. Besides, the prices of the kit are ever fluctuating.


  • A very good DDR5-4800 performance
  • OC potential is quite huge.
  • You can run frequency with tight timings.


  • Availability is quite limited.
  • Fluctuating prices.

5. PATRIOT VIPER STEEL DDR4-4400 { 2 x 8 GB}

PATRIOT VIPER STEEL DDR4-4400 { 2 x 8 GB} memory kit which skips RGBs and has an excellent performance and speed. These performances are boosted due to its enhanced timings. It will make up a good choice for gamers.


  • Has an RGB-free design.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • Fantastic timings.


  • Requires well-chosen motherboards for top XMP profiles.


There can be multiple reasons for your ram not to run according to the advertised speed. To solve the issue check two things: if the XMP is activated? Whether or not your motherboard and CPU are supporting your ram’s original speed? Once all these things come aligned with the ram you are using, it will speed up exactly according to the advertised speech.

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