What To Do When Ps4 Won’t Connect To PSN But Will Connect To Internet?

ps4 won't connect to psn but will connect to internet

PS4 is a popular gaming console offered by PlayStation. Talking about PlayStation, it is one of the largest video gaming brands in the world. However, this brand is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment and offers a wide range of PS series, and PlayStation 4 is one of them. PS4 was released in 2013 and has been one of the most preferred gaming consoles offered by PlayStation. It has some of the coolest features you can ever think of. Some of its features are Play Time Management, Spotify streaming, PC streaming, and many more. However, along with its advantages, comes along slight inconveniences at times. But the best part is that it is very easy to handle. One of the common problems is when ps4 won’t connect to psn but will connect to internet.

In this article, we will tell you the easiest ways to fix your problem with PS4.

When Ps4 Won’t Connect To PSN But Will Connect To Internet?

Easy Steps to follow

Technology malfunction is a common problem around the world. It occurs to consoles from both big and mediocre gaming companies. So if you notice that your ps4 won’t connect to psn but will connect to internet, then do not worry. Follow these simple solutions instead:

Solution 1:

Sometimes updating the PS4 software is the quickest and the easiest solution to your gaming and connection problems. First, however, you need to go to the ‘’Settings’’ options to update your console. Then click on the ‘’System Software Update’’ option. You will find the ‘’Update Now’’ button when you do so. Click on it and wait patiently. After successfully completing the process, you need to read and agree to the ‘’System Software License Agreement’’. Then, confirm your choice and try logging into PSN.

Solution 2:

 If you get the ‘’PSN sign-in failed’’ message, it probably means that your IP address was blocked. But do not worry, unblocking IP addresses is pretty easy too. All you need to do is click on the ‘’settings’’ button and select ‘’network’’. Then, you will find the ‘’Internet Connection Setup’’ button. Click on it, and you will see the ‘’Use Wifi’’ option. Select the option in order to connect to the internet. Next, choose the ‘’Custom’’ option and select the network you wish to use. Once done, set your IP Address settings to ‘Automatic’. After that, select the ‘’Do Nor Specify’’ option present on the ‘’DHCP host Name’’ option. Next, select the ‘’Manual’’ option and then enter the following:

  1. Primary DNS:
  2. Secondary DNS:

Once done, you will see the MTU settings. Again select the ‘’Manual’’ option and set the value to 1456. After that, select the ‘’Do Not Use’’ option and then the ‘’Test Internet Connection’’. Once the test ends, you need to sign in back to the PSN.

Solution 3:

The third solution is to rebuild the database. To do so, you need to first turn off your PS4 gaming console. Then, hold the power button for at least 8-10 seconds. Once done, you need to connect the dual shock 4 with the PS4 via a charging cable. After that, press the PS button and rebuild the database. Finally, to save your settings, press X.


Fixing PS4 is easy when you follow the steps. However, if you are a new gamer and do not have experience fixing technical problems on your own, consider contacting the experts.

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