Why Won’t PS Vita Connect To PC?

PS Vita won't connect to PC

Did you upgrade your computer to the latest Windows OS only to find that the QCMA won’t connect to your PS Vita? Did you use another PC but found that it still doesn’t work? Or maybe you can connect using wifi, but not the USB, or vice versa? No matter your issue, the bottom of the problem is the same- PS Vita won’t connect to PC. But there’s no need to worry. I will tell you how to solve this problem.

But first of all, know that this problem might result from myriad things ranging from the QCMA, CMA, content manager, router, etc. So it’s not possible to detect the issue by just looking at the system.

You must try out different solutions and find out what works and where the actual problem was. If it does happen again, this will allow you to be fully prepared. 

How To Connect PS Vita To PC?

Know that there are multiple ways you can connect your PS Vita to your PC. So let me tell you about these solutions below:

Use The Original CMA

The first thing you should do is use the original CMA. It might seem like it won’t get the job done. But before I tell you about more complicated steps, it’s worth trying out the simple steps first.

Reset/Format Vita

You should also try formatting Vita or resetting it. Know that you should especially do it if you find that Vita isn’t connecting to your PC after making some changes to it. This might help you get it connected back to your computer.

Turn Your Wifi Or Flight Mode Off/On

Sometimes internet issues can cause this failure in connection. So it would be best if you switched off your wifi or Flight Mode and then wait for 5 to 10 mins before switching it back on again. This might help your PS Vita get connected to your system.


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Upgrade To The Latest Firmware And Drivers

Sometimes having outdated firmware or drivers can prevent your PS Vita from connecting to your PC. So the solution is to upgrade them and then try again. If you aren’t sure which drivers to install, then there’s no need to panic.

There are plenty of auto-installation driver tools that will detect outdated drivers and then update them. But, of course, you can rest assured that the application will request your permission before downloading or installing the drivers.

Install CMA With Lilusb0 Driver

If any of the above options didn’t fix your problem, you should first uninstall your CMA and uninstall your QCMA. After that, you need to restart your PC and then install the QCMA again, but this time by selecting your lilusb0 driver.

After that, close the Content Manager on your PS Vita. Now turn on the airplane mode. After this, open the Content Manager and then open QCMA. This should resolve your issue.

Uninstall Content Manager

First, you should uninstall CMA, QCMA, as well as the drivers. Also, uninstall your Content Manager. Then proceed to reinstall the QCMA and then connect your Vita. This should solve your problem.

Now, if you don’t automatically get sent right to the QCMA setting, then head on to the second tab. There you will find Custom Firmware. You need to use the features to connect securely to the Content Manager app (on Vita) with the Vita. This step should ideally work.

Check On DNS

Many users reported that they couldn’t sign into Vita because it was asking for updates every time they tried. So you should head to the wifi Vita setup and then go to the network you are using. Now, choose advanced settings and then check DNS by scrolling down. After this, disable the auto-updates. This should stop the updates promptly, and you might be able to sign in, thus solving the connection issue.

These are almost all the ways you can get your PS Vita connected to your PC again. But note that if nothing works, then you can try contacting Sony’s customer service. They will be able to address your problems in detail and help you out fast. 

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