Playstation Style Controller For Xbox You Can try

Playstation Style Controller For Xbox

Both Playstation and Xbox are two of the most famous video gaming brands that have marketed their gaming consoles to over thousands of cities. However, do you want to know if there is any Playstation style controller for Xbox? Well, for a lot of gamers who believe the comfort and ease a Playstation controller offers while playing, no other brand will be able to do so.  In fact, as a whole, a PlayStation controller offers features like no other. 

Along with the support and tech, a Playstation styled controller seems more reliable. But you may wonder why go for the styled controllers instead of a PS controller? Well, thanks to different systems, you cannot practically use a PS controller on Xbox 360. Thus, Playstation style controllers.

In this article, we will list down the best Playstation style controller for Xbox you can try.

Best PS style controllers

Here are the top 5 controllers you must consider:

1. Cosmic Byte C3070W

Cosmic Byte C3070W is a sleek-looking gaming controller that comes with 600mah Lithium Polymer Battery. So you can enjoy playing your favorite videos games for 10-12 hours straight. Plus, you only need to charge Cosmic Byte C3070W for 2 to 3 hours at a go! Besides its fabulous battery, it also comes with Dual Integrated mode that allows you to experience great gaming compatibility. In addition, cosmic Byte C3070W comes with dual vibration motors and twelve numeric control buttons.

2. Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad

Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad is a popular Playstation style controller for Xbox chosen by many pro gamers. This controller offers intense vibrations during thrilling video games and comes with Turbo mode for a sharpened experience. It has 11 digital keys and 2 analog sticks. The battery is in-built and can go up to 10 non-stop hours. Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth availability, so you need to plug the Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad’s wire into your Xbox and enjoy the ultimate gaming.

3. PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad Gaming Controller

PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad Gaming Controller is one of the best PS-style controllers you can get your hands on. It has a balanced weight that makes it easier for you to hold the controller for hours without feeling uneasiness. It also comes with magnetic faceplates that let you swap the color of your controller based on your preference. And the best part about PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad Gaming Controller is that you do not need to charge it at all! Instead, it comes with an instant ‘plug and play’ connection that wastes no time and begins the ultimate video gaming. In fact, PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad Gaming Controller is the exact Playstation style controller built especially for Xbox.

4. Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2

Ant Esports GP 300 Pro V2 is a popular wireless video game controller compatible with Xbox and the advantages of a PS controller. It has a great design that lets you enjoy your long gaming sessions at ease. The battery can last up to 12 straight hours and requires only 2 to 3 hours to charge up. It also comes with dual vibrators that enhance the realism of gaming.

5. TERIOS Wireless Controller

TERIOS Wireless Controller is yet another sleek-looking wireless controller that comes with an in-built speaker and audio jack. The controller itself has a slim, PS 4 controller-like design that suits anyone who is looking for a Playstation style controller. The best part about TERIOS Wireless Controller is that it can last up to 13-14 hours straight after charging for 2 hours. It offers better battery coverage compared to other controllers. Side by side, it provides a share button and a multitouch pad that works like a cursor. It may be a little off-budget but it is absolutely worth the cost.


Now that you have the top 5 Playstation style controller for Xbox, you do not need to waste a single penny on controllers that do not offer comfort or good battery stability. So, wait no more and enjoy the ultimate Xbox video gaming experience with these best controllers.

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