News of MSI Ventus vs Gaming X Trio

MSI Ventus vs Gaming X Trio

Gaming is no longer just a matter of playing games, but also being able to play them well. Whether it’s the graphics or the overall experience, modern gaming requires more than just a strong CPU and an SSD drive. Both the MSI Ventus and Gaming x trio graphic cards are very popular in the gaming arena. You would be surprised to know that both graphic cards offer significantly higher performance while consuming only half as much power as their direct competitors.

It is easy to overclock these graphic cards and supports multiple display configurations—all at an affordable price. However, there are some subtle differences are present between these graphic cards. Here are some differences between MSI Ventus vs Gaming X Trio graphic cards.

MSI Ventus vs Gaming X Trio

MSI Ventus

When it comes to performance, this card will absolutely crush any game at 144 fps and run most games with at least 60 fps. However, the graphic card starts to show signs of weakness in 1440p. The good news is that the default overclock of the MSI Ventus is helpful. Therefore, you can easily the best performance from their GPU.

The metallic MSI Ventus back plate is sturdy and prevents curvature. Although it hasn’t been put to the test, it definitely feels sturdy and contributes to a premium feel. The plastic shroud around the fans has a high-quality, metallic design, and is well-made. In this graphic card, there are no issues with the build quality.

This isn’t the best cooling solution out there, but it works perfectly fine in normal conditions. You can barely hear the fans while running a graphic-rich video game. The temperature was around 70° to 80°, and that’s a safe zone for this graphics card. This cooling system does the job well for normal gaming.


  • You will get quality performance for 1080p and 1440p gaming
  • Decent cooling feature
  • Can be overclocked easily


  • No VirtualLink port on this graphic card

Gaming X Trio

Due to its massive size, high-performance thanks to the beefy cooler and higher TDP, the Gaming X Trio card is very impressive in all tests. Although it only has one MLCC cluster, every test shows that it’s very impressive. Even though the Gaming X Trio lists a higher TDP (TGP) than the reference 3080, it is still good to see that they did their due diligence to ensure that their product met the demands of the task at hand.

The Gaming X Trio is essentially a copy of the previous RTX cards except for a little bit more weight (30g) and a different GPU, VRAM, and PCB design. There are obviously differences between the GPU, VRAM, and PCB, but it’s not a radical new design.

In a similar manner to the Nvidia 3080 Founders Edition, the cooler is a 2.9-slot design. These fans are 92mm in diameter and work efficiently but can become noisy sometimes. Instead of a continuous rim, the fans’ rims have pairs of fan blades connected at the center, so that the airflow is more directed and static pressure is raised.


  • This graphic card delivers better performance than the other 3080 cards
  • It has a support bracket that prevents sag
  • Bright RGB strips make it beautiful


  • Cooling is not good

When to use the MSI Ventus Graphic card

When comparing MSI Ventus vs Gaming X Trio graphic cards, you need to understand when to use them and for which purpose. If you play games for entertainment purposes, then the MSI Ventus graphic card is more than enough for you. This graphic card comes at a budget price and offers decent performance. For this reason, this graphic card is very popular among budget gamers.

Although this graphic card does not has any VirtualLink port, it delivers decent performance for 1080p and 1440p gaming. The decent cooling feature of this graphic card is very quiet. Hence, you won’t bother anyone when playing games.

When to use the Gaming X Trio Graphic card

On the other hand, Gaming X Trio graphic card is designed for high performance. For this reason, you will find a beefy cooling system and a higher TDP. You would be surprised to know that this graphic card delivers better performance than the other 3080 cards.

Due to this reason, only pro-level gamers love this graphic card. The price of this graphic card is also more than the MSI Ventus graphic card. However, one of the main drawbacks of this graphic card is noise. Sometimes this graphic card can be noisy and ruin the gaming experience.


Both MSI Ventus and Gaming X Trio graphic cards are good but they are designed for different purposes. The MSI Ventus delivers decent performance at a decent price point. On the other hand, the Gaming X Trio graphic card delivers high performance to pro gamers. If you want a good graphic card at an affordable price, then MSI Ventus is for you.

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