Why Mouse Stops Working For a Few Seconds?

Mouse Stops Working For a Few Seconds

Have you ever found your mouse acting erratically when you are playing a game? Or perhaps your felt like your mouse was lagging when you were trying to click on something? You must have noticed that your mouse stops working for a few seconds in all such situations.

Note that there can be multiple reasons behind this issue. Here I will explain the possible reasons behind this and tell you how to fix this annoying problem.

Why Does Your Mouse Stop Working For Some Seconds?

Know that the reason your mouse stops working for some time can vary a lot. This can range from viruses, outdated drivers, low batteries, connectivity issues resulting from loose cords, etc.

Know that sometimes these lag issues can be due to frequency issues as well. This means that your mouse might slow down or stop working for some time because it’s set at too high a speed.

As such, to fix this problem, you might have to go to your mouse configuration settings and change the frequency from, say, 500 to a manageable 250Hz.

How Can You Fix This Issue?

If you find that your cursor is jumping, freezing, or disappearing randomly, then you need to reinstall the driver to fix the issue. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, press the Windows key on your keyboard with the key X
  • This will open a menu from where you will be able to choose the Device Manager option.
  • There you will have to locate the Mouse option and then right-click on it. Now, out of the options presented, you have to click on the Uninstall device option.

But this isn’t the only way to correct this issue. Here’s another way you can opt if the above isn’t solving the issue for you:

  • Press your Fn key with the touchpad button. Know that this might be F7, F5, F8, F9, etc. This is because the key will differ depending on the laptop you have.
  • Now move the mouse to check if it’s still frozen on your laptop screen. If it’s fixed, then that’s great. But if not, I have other tricks that will help you.


Alternate Way To Fix Your Lagging Mouse

Here’s another way you can use to fix your mouse if it stops working for a couple of seconds:

  • First, you need to press the Ctrl, Delete, and Alt buttons altogether
  • This will bring the Task Manager that you can operate using your keyboard
  • You need to use the Alt button to toggle between the Files listed at the very top of your screen
  • After this, you need to use your keyboard’s right arrow button to toggle further until you reach the Shut Down listing.
  • Now, you need to reinstall the drivers for your mouse from the website of the mouse manufacturer

These steps and tips will help you fix the lag so that you can resume normal operations. However, if these aren’t working, you should try plugging your mouse into another USB port or replacing it. This is because your devices might not be getting the power needed to carry out normal operations.

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