Monitor Loses Signal While Gaming: How To Bring It Back?

monitor loses signal while gaming

Computers are complex machines. So it’s common for them to freeze now and then. This generally happens when running applications that put a lot of pressure on the internal components, like playing games—one of the common issues you might encounter.

At the same time, gaming is a monitor without a signal. Now watching your monitor suddenly go dark might make you panic, but there’s no need to worry. Instead, I will tell you what to do if your monitor loses signal while gaming.

What To Do If Your Monitor Loses Signal?

Here are the steps you can take to bring your monitor back to life:

Check The Cables

First of all, check your monitor’s connection. This is because cable connection issues result in display errors. So thoroughly check if any of the connecting pins have been damaged, bent, or burnt. Note that even a slightly bent pin can cause signal and power issues.

Know that if your pins are severely bent, your monitor will fail to connect. You should try to replace the pins or contact a technician to fix the issue in such cases. If the pins are fine, you should move along to the cable and check if there are any kinks or bends on it.

Know that slight bends can disrupt the signals and result in an intermittent connection. If you see any tears or fraying of the cables, use insulation tape to fix it. However, if you feel that the tear is too deep or if any bend is causing intermittent signals, then you should look into changing your cables.

Check The Temperature

If you find that the cables are fine, it’s time to move onto the next possible culprit- heat. Know that if there’s one computer activity that generates a lot of heat, then it’s gaming. That is why you need to monitor your CPU and GPU temperature levels while gaming.

Note that various softwares will allow you to monitor your system temperature. Also, if you have the latest version of Windows 10, then you can check the temperatures right on your Task Manager. Now keep in mind that gaming will increase system temperatures.

But the problem occurs when the temperatures reach alarming heights and refuses to come down. So, if you are experiencing monitor issues like a lack of signal to it, then it’s the GPU temperatures that you should check. If it’s too high, you need to allow your system to cool down and ensure it is adequately ventilated.

I would also advise you to put your computer system in a cool area or an air-conditioned room. This will prevent your system from reaching alarming temperatures. However, if your monitor isn’t starting back up even after the system has been cooled, you might have to replace your GPU.

Check The Drivers

So if it isn’t the cables or the temperatures, then you should look into your software. Know that you can lose connection to your monitor if your drivers aren’t updated. So head to the website of your GPU manufacturer and check if your model has any updates.

If you are not sure about the update process, you can install software that will automatically search for the updates as per your model configurations. Then they will ask you if you want to update a driver? Only when you click on Yes, will the download happen. Also, note that the installation won’t happen by itself.

The software will again ask you if you want to install a driver. So if you click on Yes again, only then will it go ahead with the installation. As such, you will have full control. Apart from updating drivers, make sure to run a low-demanding game on the display card. If this works well, then your GPU is the one causing all the issues. 

Here’s an extra note: Don’t forget to check your display settings like the fsync/gsync, resolution, etc. Know that sometimes too high rates can cause problems.

Following the above steps should solve your monitor display issue. However, if the problem persists, then you should contact a computer technician. Know that many sites will recommend you to update your BIOS. But if you are not experienced in tinkering with BIOS, I would advise you to avoid it as a bit of error can cause irreversible damage to your system. 

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