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Make Xbox One Controller Vibrate Continuously On Pc

Xbox is one of the popular video gaming brands that not only lets you experience a whole new world of gaming but also gives you sleek video gaming consoles that you will never get enough of. This video gaming brand makes sure you unleash different levels of gaming, and one such level is the Xbox One controller vibration. The Xbox One controller Mode Off On Xbox One offers game-based vibrations that allow you to get a more realistic feeling while playing. However, the vibrations do not occur randomly. It solely depends on what games you play and its type. This surely enhances the experience of the ultimate gaming, but if you do not know how to make Xbox one controller vibrate continuously on pc, then don’t worry.

In this article, you will learn the simple steps that will help you achieve the ultimate experience of authentic modern-day video gaming.

Simple steps to follow-Make Xbox One Controller Vibrate Continuously On Pc 

To change the vibration settings on your Xbox One controller, you don’t need to overthink yourself about how to make Xbox One controller vibrate continuously on pc. All you need to follow the 4 easy steps mentioned below:


  1. Before you begin, you need to download the Xbox Accessories App from Microsoft Store on your personal computer. It is absolutely free and easy to download.
  2. After the app is downloaded, you need to plug the Xbox controller into the computer. Once done, you need to open the app and select the ‘’Configure’’ button.
  3. If you have the Xbox Wireless Controller, you need to first select the ‘’Configuration profile’’ that you need to change. Once done, you need to click on the ‘’New Profile’’. When you do that, you will see the ‘’Turn On vibration’’ option. You can either turn on the vibration or simply turn it off, based on your requirements.
  4. In case you have the Elite series Xbox controller, you need to again begin with selecting the ‘’Configuration profile’’. Once done, you will see the default configurations. Then, look out for the ‘’New Profile’’ option and click on it. When you do so, you will find the ‘’Edit’’ option. From there, you need to click on the ‘’Vibration’’ option, and it will let you choose, or rather adjust the controller’s vibration.

You can also learn more about changing the controller vibrations on your Xbox One here.


Xbox One is the ultimate gaming console option that allows you to enjoy high-quality video gaming with your friends and the world. And while some people love each and every feature of it, others done and it is totally understandable. For example, some people find it unsettling when the vibrations are too much, while on the other hand, others love the vibrations since it gives them the most realistic feeling while playing their favorite games. So all you need to follow is a few simple steps, and your work is done. However, make sure to get expert help in case of difficulties.

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