How To Fix My Logitech g600 Mouse Double-Clicking?

Logitech g600 Mouse Double-Clicking

Whether you are gaming or working, a Logitech g600 mouse double-clicking can cause a lot of problems. After all, you might not click correctly, which can make you frustrated and angry. But thankfully, there are ways to fix this issue. And here I will tell you exactly that.

How Can You Fix A Logitech g600 Mouse That’s Double-Clicking?

Here’s are the ways you can fix your Logitech mouse that’s double-clicking:

Spam The Button Causing The Issue

First, you should unplug your G600 mouse. Then you need to keep on spamming and pressing the button that’s double-clicking. Note that you need to do this for about 20-30 secs. However, many users have reported that it sorted out the issue for them.

Blow In Your Mouse

This might seem like an odd solution, but one of the significant causes behind your Logitech mouse double-clicking is a buildup of static charge. So if you can dissipate that static charge, then your mouse should be fine.

Know that one way to remove this charge is by blowing it into the mouse. The warm air will stop the static charge buildup, which will prevent double-clicking.

Know that another way to dissipate the static charge is by taking out the batteries from your mouse. After this, you need to click both the buttons on your mouse for 20-30 secs each. Again, this should dissipate the charge. After this, put the batteries back and check again.

Loose Spring

If your mouse doesn’t have a warranty, then you can try repairing the spring that causes the click mechanism. Know that each of the buttons has a click mechanism that’s present in the mouse’s body. So when you press on the mouse, then it’s this spring inside that gets clicked.

Now, it’s possible that this mechanism has either been damaged or is loose. So if that’s the case, then fixing it will solve the double-clicking issue. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Note that first, you need to unscrew your mouse and remove the body. Be careful not to disturb the inside settings of it.
  • After this, you need to find the clicking mechanism of both of the buttons. Then remove carefully the casing present on the button that has a faulty clicking mechanism.
  • You can use a good-quality flathead screwdriver to lift the mouse cover from its latch. Now you need to switch out the copper spring that’s present in the mouse.
  • Note that it’s very small, so you need to be careful with it. Keep in mind that this is the very basics of repairing a mouse. Some devices come with a different build. If you aren’t sure of your skills, I would advise you to contact an experienced technician.

Delete Your Logitech Folder

One of the ways you can fix this issue is by first deleting your Logitech Folder and then again reinstalling it. Know that you can find this folder in AppData. Many people think that the folder gets deleted on its own, but it doesn’t. So you need to remove it manually.

Software Solutions

Some software scripts can help you fix the double-clicking issue. But before you go the software route, I would advise you to please check the hardware thoroughly. I would advise you to move on to software solutions only if there are no hardware issues.

So know that one way is to use a tried and tested AutoHotKey script that can ignore clicks within about 30ms of one another. This should solve the double-clicking issue.

Change Your Mouse Settings

Know that sometimes the mouse settings might be set to double click instead of a single click, and that might be causing all the problems. Here’s how you can fix it:

  • First, you need to press the R and the Windows keys together. Then a dialogue box will pop up. Next, you have to type in Control in it and press the Enter button on your keyboard. This will allow you to enter your PC’s Control Panel.
  • Once you are in your Control Panel, your need to head over to the top-right part of your screen and choose the Large icons present there. After this, you need to select the Mouse option.
  • Now you will see that the double click option has a slider. So you need to shift that to the lowest. Now apply those settings. After this check, if the issue has been resolved.

Following the above methods should solve your problem. But if it doesn’t, then you can contact Logitech to replace your mouse. However, your mouse should have a warranty for this to work. Otherwise, you can try contacting a computer repair shop. They should be able to fix your issue.

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