Is it Possible To Use USB Headset With Xbox One?

Is it Possible To Use USB Headset With Xbox One

Is it possible to use USB headset with Xbox One?” This is the question that every Xbox One owner who wants to chill on their sofa and enjoy playing games asks. We are sure that you will too want to know the answer to this question.

So if you want to know the answer to this question, then don’t worry. You have come to the right place. I do have the information you are after. So let us begin: 

Can You Connect USB Headsets Directly To The Xbox One?

Know that you can connect your USB headset to the Xbox One console. However, know that the Xbox One will only accept gaming headphones and those specially made just for Xbox One. Note that this is because Microsoft uses specially made communication chips in the console. These chips only allow specific USB devices and that too only those which support the console. So, if your USB headphone doesn’t fulfill these criteria, then it won’t work.

How Can You Connect The Headphones To Your Xbox One?

So if your USB headphone is a gaming headset and is made specifically for Xbox One, then you can connect it properly. Know that connecting the USB headset is simple. This is because the console comes with 3 USB ports where you need to insert the USB headphone. That’s all you need to do to begin gaming

Why Are Non-Gaming Headsets Not Supported?

The main reason generic headsets are not supported is due to the latency. Know that regular headsets have a latency going into 100ms. This is eons when it comes to gaming. Know that this latency will cause crosstalk and make gaming a mess. So to avoid this, Microsoft only allows those USB headsets which are specifically made just for Xbox One use.

What If Your USB Headphones Are Not Supported?

Many gamers run into this common problem. They find that their USB headsets are not compatible with their Xbox One. Now, there are two solutions in this case. One is that you need to buy a gaming USB headset that works with Xbox One specifically.

Another is that you can buy a gaming headset that supports a 3.5mm audio jack. Once you have that, you need to get then something called an Xbox One Stereo Adapter. This will let you easily connect your headphone to the Xbox One controller. Also, this adapter will give you other advantages, too, like changing the chat volume without using your hands. So it’s a nifty tool that will make your gaming life easier.

You need to compare the price tags of a gaming USB headset made just for the console with a regular gaming headset and the adapter. After that, choose the one which you feel gives you the better value in the long run while also fitting your current budget.

You can connect your USB headphones to the Xbox One. However, it would be best to keep in mind that those headsets need to be gaming ones and need to be made explicitly for the Xbox One; once you have confirmed that, you need to insert it into the USB port the console. That’s it. Happy gaming!

Recommended Best Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

1. The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Although the Xbox One includes its own headset, it is considered to be cheaply constructed, which is surprising for the price you pay for an Xbox One console. Plus, if you want to use your own headset it does not allow you and if you do not have a bluetooth enabled headset, then using the wireless connection will be useless. This is where an adapter comes into play for the Xbox One stereo headset. Made of plastic, the adapter easily connects, and allows the gamer to plug in any type of headset that is equipped for 3.5mm connectivity.

Being a simple headset that is not too expensive, it is a great choice along with the remote that comes with the Xbox One Media.


Adaptable among many headsets that have a connectivity of 3.5mm

Butons are practical


Is needed due to no bluetooth capability or port.

2. Stereo Headset Adapter, Audio Mic Headphone Converter for Xbox One Controller

Having a headset that works perfectly for the Xbox One´s wireless controller is always good. Adjusting is simple when needing to hear the audio chat and without putting the controller down. You can easily control game controls such as the balance of the chat/game, volume, and muting of the microphone. All headsets can be used that have audio jacks of 3.5mm and follows the standards of CTIA.

Colors for ABS include black and beige. Users may experience the different sizes because of it being measured manually and using different tools. Also, the color may be different from what is seen on the packaging due to the lighting of the photograph, the display, and the angle of the photo.


Very compatible

Very Light

Mic and volume control


The sound may be unbalanced

Buyer’s Guide Best Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Overall, the headset adapters make compatibility possible for all gamers no matter which headset they decide to use. With only a few differences between them, their performance is smooth and gamers are able to connect and be free to move around without feeling tied down. The adapters come in different colors such as beige and black and may see sizes that are not the same as others. You may have to take care while playing due to the cheaply constructed material that makes up the Xbox One´s stereo headset adapter.

Recommended Best keyboard and mouse adapter for xbox one

1. ZJFKSDYX C91 Keyboard & Mouse Converter Adapter for N-Switch/Xbox One/PS4/PS3

This adapter permits the use of the PS3, PS4, and Xbox One 360 through the use of a keyboard and mouse in order to enjoy certain games such as Fornite and PUBG.

As soon as linking is established, a color display of brown, blue, gold, and purple will be shown. With the mouse, the functions of the camera, aiming, and shooting will be mapped during gameplay. This makes the mouse nonfuctional and requires you to be in the game in order to use it completely.

Games that can be played and are considered to be acceptable include RTS, FPS, RPG, and TPS game variations. Also games such as Fortnite, Battle Field, PUBG, and Call of Duty.

To enjoy the most out of this adapter it is best when used with a keyboard and mouse that are wired.

The user manual tht comes with the adapter goes in depth about its capabilities. Although it is not directly adaptable to the Xbox One, you will need to obtain a sound card in order to have a headset connected..


Detailed user manual

Acceptys play of many games

Can be played on many consoles


Not directly adaptable to the XBox One

Needs sound card to utilize a headset

Buyer’s Guide Best keyboard and mouse adapter for xbox one

There are many keyboard and mouse adapters available for the Xbox One, each implements different features and characteristics. Many allow the gamer to enjoy playing their consoles which may be unable to play with other consoles.

A downside involves the fact that a sound card will be needed to enjoy the full functionality of the headset.

Best 3.5mm Headset for Xbox One

Looking for the best headset for your Xbox One or other gaming console can be difficult. However, you no longer need to look as we have the best and most recommended for you to enjoy. With so many headsets available, you will know that you have the best available when you need to pay a little bit more for it. This pricier amount is mainly due to the additional technology that gets thrown into the mix, which allows them to be totally wireless. Determining which headset is the best will be based on what you require. So if a wireless is what you need, then our selections below will suffice perfectly.

Recommended What is the Best 3.5mm Headset for Xbox One

1. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 White

The Stealth 600 by Turtle Beach continues to be a success among other wireless headsets and provides reasonable battery storage and audio sound. With the release of the original, the Gen 2 version also hopes to make an impact similar to the original. Besides being a second-generation headset, it was also constructed to be used with newer gaming platforms. This include being compatible with the high-quality sound that the PlayStation 5 provides.

Nevertheless, with the PlayStation 5 still has a way to go to catch up, but it will get there eventually.

The Stealth 600 by Turtle Beach is Perfect for All

This is especially true for gamers who like to play games on a variety of gaming consoles, as well as consoles that are getting ready for release.

Individuals who work from home who need a wireless headset that does not need too much charging.

Overall Feel of the Stealth 600

However new, the Stealth 600 headset can be easy to use if you have used the Turtle brand before. With a feel that is similar to the more distinct headsets the company provides, the little bit of improvement made definitely goes a long way.

With the Stealth 600, it is completely made of plastic, which includes an arrangement of hinges that provides for a good amount of turning and angle. On the included headband it presents a nice cushion covered in leather that allows for tension. Nevertheless, the user will see that the headset is dependable, which is great for being a wireless headset especially when a lot of movement may occur as opposed to having the headset connected by wire.

Some of the features included involve mesh covered ear pads including grooves for wearing glssses more easily and comfortably. With soft ear pads, they are able to ensure a nice seal around the ears. Although the mesh does not cause isolation, it does control the amount of heat generated by continuous wear.


All-around great quality

The sound produced is on point

Low cost

Suited for all game consoles


Limited amount of PS4 capabilities

2. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Another generation 2 Stealth 600, this one has made its mark among the best when it was utilized for PlayStation 4 and will continue to be compatible with all PlayStation consoles. All gamers will enjoy winning no matter which console they utilize. As an enhanced version it includes an improved mic that is more sensitive, clearer, and adapts easily when you mute the headset.

Other improvements include improved quality sound that allow gamers to hear clearly while being able to remain playing the best games. Plus, having a mic that is super sensitive and able to provide a clear voice. The headband is enhanced and a lot stronger, which increases the overall durability, and the glasses with cuchioning ears allow for a comfort that is soft while at the same time top quality sound comes through the speakers. With it designed with the PS5 in mind, the audio is able to convey a nice sound that can be heard throughout your space s you play. With the PS4, gamers did not have the sound choice like there is now.

With a preset audio button you get a headset that is friendly to use and allows for gamers to access hearing that is superior and which no other can compare. The connectivity of Stealth 600 takes adantage of the technology behind the wireless headphones. This permits all gamers to link to their favorite console when they feel like it. Unlike the other methods where both chat and gameing on the PS4 was made possible through a USB. As you enjoy these features you will also love its long-lasting battery.


Audio preset

Great connectivity


Limited sound for PS4

3. Razer Kaira Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X | S

With many launches happening all of the time with game consoles enable the makers of the headsets to deliver versions that are fresh and up to date and with the Kaira the gamer is able to furnich their version that is able to separate from the other designs while they include Bluetooth and another microphone that i s built inside.

The Razer Characteristics

The difference with the Razer is that it sets itself apart from the other model´s design and chracteristics seen in the Opus. With its association with Xbox, the color scheme is the same for both earpads and headband. Although not all gamers may enjoy it, the lighting that makes up the Chroma attached to the earcups provides a nice feeling. With the Razer, its construction is made from durable plastic and reinforced using aluminum. With the headband, the side rulers can mark each adjustment made. This can be seen among the HS75 XB and the Virtuoso RGB Wireless. When it comes down to it, the Razer is able to impress without even trying.

Using surround sound, the Razer is able to take advantage of the Sonic from Microsoft Windows. The same Triforce Titanium driver is utilized as seen in the BlackShark V2 Pro and BlackShark V2. These both share the driver used for the audio that gets split into several pieces that control the tuning of the frequencies. This allows the overall audio, bass, and treble to remain clear.


Good amount of comfort

Excellent sound quality

Adaptable for all console types


Not many choices to make changes

Bluetooth can be irradic

Best 3.5mm Headset for Xbox One Buyer’s Guide

Having a 3.5mm Headset for Xbox One gives you an opportunity to enjoy your games without worrying about connecting to a wire. You are given the freedom to move around as you play. The freedom you get from the Stealth 600 allows you to enjoy your games and move about as much as you want.

The sound quality is amazing and comes in clear through the quality speakers. With the headband you get a snug but comfortable fit that you will enjoy wearing.

Best keyboard and mouse adapter for xbox one

Quite a few gamers decide to play using a keyboard and mouse as they play. However, when you have an Xbox console, you will have a harder time playing.

For a gamer to play games using a keyboard and mouse an adapter needs to be implemented. Below is our recommended choice for the best Xbox One stereo headset adapter available today.

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