How To Watch A DVD On Xbox One Without The Internet?

How To Watch A Dvd On Xbox One Without The Internet

Xbox has become a popular video gaming console all around the world. Thanks to its new generation system, Xbox is not only the best option when you want to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience but also when you want to stream videos. Indeed, the internet connection lets you stream videos and photos from your phone or computer, but do you know how to watch a DVD on Xbox One without the internet? Yes! You can play a DVD on Xbox as well. But if you do not know how then well, the steps are pretty easy. All you need to do is keep reading to know the best ways that will help you to do so.

In this article, you will learn everything that will help you to play a DVD on Xbox one easily.

Simple steps to watch a DVD on Xbox One

The following are the simplest steps that will help you to watch a DVD on Xbox One without using an internet connection:

1. Download the Xbox Media player

It is one easy step that will help you play DVDs on Xbox one. The first step is to download Xbox one Media Player. Once done, turn on the application and click on ‘Apps.’ You will find it on the left-hand side of the application. Once done, you need to search the ‘Media Player’ option and install the application. After installing the app, go back to the homepage. You will see the media player available on a new panel.

2. Configuration

Setting up offline mode will let you watch a DVD without wifi. And to do so, you need to first enter the app and then settings. Next, select the ‘’Network’’ icon and click on the ‘’Go Offline’’ button.

3. Home console setup

Once done, go back to the panel and click on the ‘’General’’ button. After that, choose ‘’personalization,’’ and you will see three options which also include the ‘’My Home Xbox’’ option. Make the required changes, and it will help you easily when you wonder how to watch a DVD on Xbox One without the internet.

4. DVD player and Xbox

Playing DVD on your Xbox is not a big deal when you have a wide range of DVD player options around you. To enjoy a DVD player on Xbox without the internet becomes easier with DVD playbacks. Downloading software like LEAWO Blu-ray Player will not only save your time but also the application is free of cost. You can download this software on your computer, and the best part is, it is suitable for both Windows and Mac.


Now that you know how to watch a DVD on Xbox without the internet, you do not need to worry about internet problems. It will only take you a few minutes to fix the requirement and enjoy DVD playing on your Xbox.

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