How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox One?

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox One

Are you traveling and aren’t sure if there will be a compatible TV in your hotel room? Or do you want to use the TV but find that your family is busy watching their favorite show? You will probably have to use your laptop as a display monitor for your Xbox One in these situations. But many people have a common question regarding this- how to use laptop as monitor for Xbox one?

Here I will tell you exactly that. So let us dive in without any delay.

How Can You Use Your Laptop As A Display Monitor For A Xbox One Console?

There are two ways you can make your laptop act as a monitor for your Xbox One console and play games on it. Here I will discuss both of them. They are:

With The Help Of An HDMI Input

Know that your laptop needs to come with an HDMI input for connecting it to the Xbox One. Now, most laptops do come with one, but the issue is that the HDMI connection turns out to HDMI output.

As a result, with this, you will be able to project or transmit your laptop’s screen on another monitor/screen, but another device won’t be able to project its screen on your laptop. So what’s needed is an HDMI input. But if your laptop doesn’t have one, you need to buy an HDMI output to input capture adapter and then install it.

Once you have done that and have the HDMI input feature, then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Connect your Xbox One with the laptop using the HDMI input.
  • Now go to the display settings of your laptop if you find that it has not automatically switched to the mode. After this, you need to head to the menu titled “System Settings” on the Xbox One from your main menu.
  • Here you will have to configure your resolution and screen settings as per your preferences. After that, you need to save them and begin gaming.

With The Help Of The Xbox Gaming App

If you can’t convert your HDMI output port to an input one, then there’s no need to worry. There’s another way you will be able to game on your laptop, and that’s with the help of an Xbox app.

In the newest Windows 10 update, you will be able to stream your game directly to your desktop, laptop, etc., by using the Xbox One app. This is easy to do since the connection between your laptop and Xbox One is created normally with the help of a WLAN/LAN. Here’s how you can set it up:

  • First, head to the Settings menu and then go to the option stating Xbox Connections. From there, toggle on your Xbox One console’s Game Streaming option.
  • Now open your Xbox One app from the laptop and choose the option saying connection.
  • Now the app will begin searching for any available Xbox One consoles operating on your home network. So choose the one you want to play on.
  • Once you have chosen it, a connection will be established, and you will get new options. From there, choose Stream. This will allow you to begin streaming the game you want.

Note that there are some minimum requirements that you need to keep in mind for the Xbox One app:

  • Know that you will have to sign in on your Windows 10 with the same gametag you use with Xbox One.
  • Note that your laptop compulsorily needs to have a minimum of 1.5ghz processor and two gb of RAM.
  • Your laptop and console need to stay connected to the very same network, either wired or wirelessly. I would advise you to employ a wired connection (ethernet) or use the 5ghz frequency strip of the WiFi network. Know that otherwise, you might suffer from heavy disruptions that will destroy the gaming experience.
  • Here’s a little extra tip: If you find that your WiFi isn’t a fast one, lower the quality. It will allow you to game in peace without lags.

The above stated are the two ways you can use your laptop as a display monitor for your Xbox One. Note that one option is not in any way better than the other. So you should choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

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