How To Upload Pictures To Xbox One From iPhone?

How To Upload Pictures To Xbox One From iPhone

Xbox is a popular video game company introduced by none other than Microsoft. The gaming console lets you experience the ultimate gaming experience and enjoy the benefits that only a few video game brands offer. In addition, Xbox allows you to stream your personal computer on the Xbox and your Xbox on your personal computer. In fact, you can also upload pictures from your phone. But if you do not know how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone, then worry not!

In this article, we will tell you the easiest ways that will allow you to upload pictures from iPhone to Xbox One.

Top 4 Ways to Upload Pictures To Xbox One

Since there is no direct way of uploading pictures to your Xbox One from your iPhone because of the difference in the system, we have got you the best 4 ways to upload pictures on your Xbox One indirectly:

1. Mirror your iPhone to your Xbox One

Even though you may not be able to upload your pictures permanently, you can stream your iPhone on Xbox one. All you need to do is open the control center and click on the ‘AirPlay’ icon. It will give options of available devices, so choose your Xbox One and enjoy your iPhone Screening.

2. Download the Xbox App

If your primary goal is to customize your profile with your selected pictures, downloading the Xbox App is the best choice. You can upload your own picture as your gaming display picture instead of wandering around the ones offered by the system. However, apart from that, this app will also help you to stay connected with the world of Xbox video gaming through your phone. It is easy to use and very helpful.

3. Use OneDrive

OneDrive is the best answer to your ‘how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone’ First, you need to sync your videos and photos to this app. Once done, you can select the videos or pictures you want to upload to your Xbox and then download them in your Xbox One problem. You can use it not only on your iPhone but also through your iPad or Android devices.

4. Google Drive

Just like OneDrive, Google Drive is yet another useful app that will help you to upload pictures to your Xbox. However, you will need to make sure that your pictures are properly synced with Google Drive, even in this case. It works great for everyone. Not only people who use the iPhone can enjoy the features but also Android and Windows Users.


Xbox definitely is a world on its own, but when it gets connected to your mobile phone, the world seems unknown no longer. It helps you see your pictures and videos, and in fact, it allows you to customize your own picture based on your likings. So, now that you know how to upload pictures to Xbox One from iPhone, enjoy the ultimate experience with your friends and close ones.

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