How To Update Bios for New RAM?

Make your Software Run Faster By Upgrading Your BIOS After Adding More RAM

Are you planning on upgrading your computer to ensure that it runs faster? Then the first step is to upgrade your RAM. After all, it is a cost-effective measure when compared to other solutions. But often, you will find that upgrading your RAM involves updating your BIOS as well. It’s then you might ask- how to update bios for new ram? However, there is no need to worry. I am here to tell you how you can satisfactorily update your BIOS.

But, before we move onto the solution, it’s time to know about the basics.

What Is BIOS?(How To Update Bios for New RAM?)

BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. It is the firmware used for carrying out hardware initialization when the booting up process is going on. Along with this, it is also used for providing runtime services to the operating system.

But if you have a modern system, your BIOS will test the hardware components of your system and load up the boot-loader right from a storage device that then starts the OS. Note that BIOS comes already pre-installed on the system board of your personal computer and is the first software that runs when the PC is powered up.

Know that a majority of the BIOS installations are done to work in tandem with a specific PC. Note that if you have a new system, you will find that it is stored on your flash memory. But if your PC is old, then the BIOS will probably be stored in the motherboard’s ROM chip.

Why Do You Need To Upgrade Your BIOS?

A computer BIOS detects all the attached devices and ensures that they are in working condition. If something is wrong, then it will detect before the OS loads. As such, it plays a crucial role in your computer. So it’s advised that unless and until something goes wrong, you don’t touch your BIOS.

After all, updating BIOS isn’t easy. If even a little thing goes wrong, then your motherboard could very well refuse to turn on. Then you will have to splurge on a new one. However, if your motherboard has a dual backup BIOS, you might not have to buy another one.

Know that you might have to update your system BIOS if there are security issues that need to get patched. You might also need to upgrade it if you are using a brand new CPU. After all, the CPU might not work if you are not using the updated BIOS with it. Another reason why you might need to upgrade your BIOS is of you are using more RAM.

How to Upgrade Your BIOS While Adding More RAM?

Adding more RAM will allow for better performance. But first, all that extra memory needs to be recognized by the computer. If it can realize it, then that’s fine. But if your system can’t recognize it, then you need to upgrade your BIOS. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, you need to power off your PC and then press the system’s power button.  You will see a message saying ‘Press on X For startup’ on your screen. Now you need to enter some keys to enter into BIOS. The set of keys you need to enter can differ from one manufacturer to the other. Generally, if you use an HP computer, then press F10, but if you use Dell, then use F2.
  • Once you press the needed key, you will be able to enter BIOS. Then you need to look at the Hardware menu to check the RAM amount listed in the BIOS. Ensure that it reflects the most recent upgrade. Then save your BIOS settings before exiting.
  • Now turn off your PC and then open the case if you find that the extra memory isn’t reflected properly in your PC’s BIOS. Now, open up your memory module too before you reseat it again.
  • Now you need to switch on your PC again before watching your memory count. It should show the new RAM count. If you still find no changes, then the RAM stick might be faulty.

Updating your BIOS after adding new RAM isn’t an easy job. Note that you will have to open your PC for this. So if you feel like you won’t be able to do this, contact a professional

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