How To Tell If Your Monitor is 1080p?

How to tell if your monitor is 1080p

Do you want to get enhanced video performance? Or do you want to know what kind of video your monitor can play? Know that no matter the changes you want to make, you will first have to know the video settings of your monitor. But then comes the question of – how to tell if your monitor is 1080p?

That’s where I come in. I will tell you how you can determine the monitor resolution of your PC.

How Can You Determine The Resolution Of Your Monitor?

Know that the way to find out your monitor settings depends on the kind of system you have. So here, I will discuss the steps to discover the monitor resolution settings for various operating systems.

For Windows 10

  • Here you need to first press on the key with the Windows logo. In the search bar that will pop up, you need to type Display and press the Enter button.
  • This action will take you to Settings. There go to the section named System and choose the Display option.
  • You will see the Scale&Layout section there. There under resolution, you will find that the currently used screen dimensions have appropriately been listed.
  • If you want to change the resolution, choose from the ones given on the monitor.
  • To carry out changes, you need to click on the downward pointing arrow on the Resolution box. Doing this will present a drop-down menu. From that menu, you need to change the display settings to what you want.
  • Note that in that drop-down menu, you will find that the recommended resolution is listed. Also, it is here that you will find the highest display settings that your PC monitor is capable of displaying. So you will know whether your monitor supports 1080p or not.

For Windows 8, Vista, 7

  • You need to press on the key with the Windows logo and then type in Change the Display Settings in the search bar that will show up. After that, press Enter.
  • Now a window will show up with the display resolution that’s being currently used. You will find this number next to the box titled resolution.
  • If you want to change your monitor’s display settings, click on the arrow pointing downwards. You will find this in the box titled resolution. A drop-down menu will show up, and then you can choose the one you want.
  • Note that the dimensions displayed on the very top show the highest possible resolution that your PC monitor can show.

For macOS

  1. You need to head to the Menu status bar and then click on the Apply button. This will take you to Apple Menu.
  2. There you need to click on System Preferences. Then you need to choose the Display option.
  3. This will take you to another window, and there you need to ensure that your Display tab has been chosen at the very top. After that, you need to hold on to the option before clicking on the button next to the Scaled option.
  4. Note that the number that will show up in the given blue box the moment you first expand the given Scaled menu is the present display resolution. The biggest dimension mentioned there is the native resolution of the monitor.
  5. Know that you can change the resolution by simply clicking on the option you want from the drop-down menu.

For Windows 98, 95, 2000, XP, and ME

  • Go to Control Panel and then click on the Display option twice. You will be taken to the Settings window. There will be a section titled Screen.
  • Go there, and you will find that the dimensions present under the given slider show the present screen resolution.
  • To change the resolution, you need to slide the slider to the right or left. Knowing that moving it right will give you more resolution options and lessen the resolution on the left.
  • After you have settled on the display settings, click on Apply followed by Ok.

Here I have listed in detail how you can figure out your current display resolution and then change it as per requirements. So if you follow the steps carefully, then you will get the results you want.

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