How To Solve Xbox One Power Brick Orange Problem?

How To Solve Xbox One Power Brick Orange Problem

First of all, know that you don’t need to head to a repair shop just because your Xbox One’s power brick is emitting an orange light. This stable orange light indicates that your device is on complete standby. So keep on reading to learn how to solve xbox one power brick orange problem.

Your machine being on standby means that it isn’t getting sufficient power. As such, it is failing to turn on. Now, there are a number of ways to fix this issue. 

How To Fix A Xbox One Power Brick With Orange Light?

Here are the various ways, you will be able to fix the orange light so that you can play games on your Xbox One again:

Use A New Power Outlet

The very first thing that you need to do is check the power source. This is especially important if your orange light is stable and not flickering. This might indicate that there’s a constant power disruption or insufficiency.

Know that you can check the power outlet by connecting another device or machine to it. The likely outcome will be that the outlet is not supplying sufficient electricity to the other devices as well.

In that case, you need to change the power outlet.

Reset Your Xbox’s Power Supply

If you find yourself failing to boot your Xbox One, then you need to do a complete power-supply reset. This will allow the power supply to fully drain out the capacitors.

To complete this method you need to first unplug your cable from the outlet and the Xbox One. Then leave the device idle for some time. After a little while, the orange light on your console will disappear.

Wait for at least 10 more mins after the orange light disappears. Then you can plug the cable again to check if the problem still persists or not.

Hard Reset Your Xbox One

If nothing is working, then you need to carry out a complete hard reset. Note that doing this won’t remove all of your data. Instead, it will just clear out the cache files. However, some settings will get revert back to the factory settings. But your data won’t get lost.

To carry out a hard reset your need to press your Xbox One’s power button for approximately 10 secs. Do ensure that your device is fully plugged in. Then let go of the button if you see the screen turning off.

After this, you need to disconnect your power cable from the Xbox for 10 secs more. Now, you need to plug in the cable and then switch on the machine.

What To Do If The Orange Light Is Blinking?

If you find the orange light on your power brick is blinking then the issue is most likely internal. In such a case, the power supply will fail to receive or transmit any energy at all. At the end, you might have to invest in a brand new power supply.

However, before you buy anything new, I would advise you to take your console to a professional repair center. They might be able to fix your Xbox One issue at a cheaper price.

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