How To Solve Xbox One Notifications Not Working Issue?

Xbox one notifications not working

We all enjoy playing video games with friends. However, what if you don’t even get the game invite on your Xbox One? Then either your friends are playing pranks, or there are some issues with the Xbox one app. Now, addressing the first issue is up to you, but we can help you if it’s the second issue. So if you are wondering why your Xbox one notifications not working, then you have come to the right place.

Here I will tell you why your Xbox one notifs are not responding and how you can fix them. So read on below.

Why Are Your Xbox One Notifications Not Working?

Here are the most common reasons why your Xbox One app might not be working:

  1. Your Notifications Are Turned Off: Your Xbox One app may have been configured in a manner that has disabled the notifications. As such, it’s advised that you check the settings to ensure if the notifications have been disabled from the settings menu itself.
  2. The Focus Assist: Know that the Focus Assist feature of Windows has been made to prevent unnecessary intrusions when users are engaged in some tasks. So this can sometimes fail the Xbox One app notifications. The solution to this one is simple. You should try temporarily disabling the Focus Assist feature and then check if doing so fixes the issue.
  3. A Full-Screen Glitch:  Some apps like Spotify can prevent you from getting notifications in the full-screen mode. As such, I advise that you use the Xbox app in the Windowed mode for this. Want to know how to do that? Then read on our solution section.
  4. A Misconfigured Application: Sometimes, the app could be improperly configured. So I advise you to check if this is preventing the notifications from passing through. If this indeed turns out to be the case, then reset it to the default settings.
  5. The Background Limits: Know that the PC gives some apps limited background usage powers. As such, this can obstruct them from successfully relaying the notifications.

How to Fix the Issue of No Notifications on Xbox One App?

These are the methods that will help you fix your no notifications issue:

Enable Your Notifications

As I explained in the first section, the disabled notification function can be one of the significant reasons you are not getting party invites. So here’s how you can solve this issue:

  • First, head to your Settings app, and then go to its System section. From there, you need to select the Notification And Actions option. After that, you need to go to the Get Notifications option and then enable it.
  • Another way of enabling notifications is by manually checking/enabling the individual apps and the Xbox One app. This will ensure that the Xbox application will get the party invites.

Reset Your Xbox One App

Resetting your Xbox One app is easy. Just follow the below steps:

  • First, hold down the Windows Key along with the “I” key. This will open up the setting menu.
  • Then head to your App section and select the Advanced Options function from the Xbox One app. Now scroll down a little till you find the Reset option. Then click on it. This is a simple solution, and that’s why we recommend you try this one before trying out other complicated processes.

Remove Your In-Built Game Bar

Here’s how you can disable your game bar:

  • Head to your Setting app and then move to your Gaming section. Now, disable your Game Bar. After this, press on the Windows Key along with the “X” key again.
  • This will show a list. You need to choose the PowerShell (Admin) from there. After that, you need this command: get-appxpackage*gamingoverlay*|remove-appxpackage.
  • After this, open the Companion App of Xbox and then enable the Party And Game Notifications option from the Setting menu. Note that Powershell is a potent tool. So you can use it to create a proper backup before getting rid of the game bar.

Use the Windowed Mode

Here’s how you can open your Xbox app in the Windowed mode

  • Launch the game that you play in your Xbox app. Now, take your mouse right to the header of your screen. You will find that a long menu will show up.
  • Now you have to click on the button with the Diagonal Arrows on there. Doing this will switch your app to the windowed mode. Hopefully, doing this will resolve your notifications issue.

These are some of the most common ways to fix the no-notifications issue. If you find that these solutions aren’t working as well, you can try talking to Xbox One customer service. They will be able to guide you on the further steps you can take to solve this issue.

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