How To See CPU Voltage?

How To See CPU Voltage

Do you feel that your CPU is getting hotter? Then it’s time to check the voltage your CPU is consuming. However, the question you must be asking is- How to see CPU voltage? And that’s why I am here to help you out.

But before we begin, it’s necessary to know about the basics.

What Exactly Is Vcore?

Vcore is also known as the voltage core, and it is the main core voltage that gets supplied to the CPU right from the motherboard. So when you see your CPUs voltage, then this is the number that you see.

Now, know that every CPU model comes with its VID. However, all the same, model CPUs don’t need the same sort of voltage values to work stably. This is the result of CPUs (all of them) being a little different from each other. It all ultimately depends on the quality of silicon. Some of the CPUs will need more of this silicon, whereas some will need less of it.

Now, keep in mind that Vcore will fluctuate in voltage values. It all depends wholly on the CPU speed as well as load. However, the BIOS will usually set the Vcore values, so there’s nothing you will have to do. However, if you want, then you can change it in the BIOS.  

How Can You See Your CPU Voltage? 

There are multiple ways you will be able to see your CPU voltage. One of the most common ways is by using your BIOS. It will tell you the voltage your CPU is currently using. So, BIOS will tell you the voltage number based on the load that you have. Another way is by using software like CPU-Z.

When you run software like CPU-Z, it will tell you the load as it currently is. So if you are surfing the web, then your CPU voltage will be lower, but if you are playing an AAA game, then the CPU will draw a lot of power, so its voltage will be high.

So if you want to know the highest voltage your CPU is drawing, you will have to run a powerful game or use a stress-test program. In my opinion, using a stress-test program will be better since you will be able to push your CPU to its limits so that it begins overclocking.

Due to this, you will know the actual highest voltage amount that’s consumed by the CPU. Now, this kind of surety isn’t something you will get with running a game.

How Can You Lower Your CPU Voltage Consumption?

The best way to optimize your CPU is by adjusting your Vcore numbers in 0.01-volt increments. So you can lower the number till your system crashes. Once that happens, you need to again go back in smaller increments until the system becomes stable. Like this, you will be able to optimize your CPU’s voltage consumption.

However, do keep in mind that your system being able to boot isn’t an indication that you have the right Vcore value. Until and unless your system is running perfectly, you need to keep increasing the Vcore value.

So it’s easy to see your CPUs voltage. After all, you can either check using BIOS or use third-party software to know the voltage. After you know the voltage, you will take the necessary steps to cool it down if needed.

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