How To Remove The Heatsink From The CPU?

How To Remove The Heatsink From The CPU?

Do you have a CPU cooler that you have to fix? Then the first step is to remove the heatsink. However, if you are not a computer technician, you might find yourself asking others how to remove the heatsink from the CPU?

But with me here, you don’t have to ask for help. I will tell you everything you want to know about removing your heatsink from your CPU. So let’s begin:

How To Remove Your Heat Sink From Your CPU?

A heatsink is a vital part of your CPU cooler. But it also needs to be repaired or replaced after some time. Note that you always need to ensure that your heat sink is working correctly or that your PC won’t remain cool.

So, here I am listing the steps that you need to follow to remove your heatsink:

First, you need to power off your PC. Then you have to lift the left-side panel of your CPU. Now lay down the CPU on a stable surface. Of course, make sure that you lay it down on the right side since the left panel is open.

After this, you need to disconnect the CPU’s heat sink cable from the motherboard. You will easily find the cable since it’s generally labeled as CPU_FAN.

Now, it’s time to start removing your heat sink. First, get a screwdriver and loosen the 4 screws that keep the sink attached to the PC’s motherboard. Please note that the screws are tiny, so you need to be careful while taking them out. Also, please keep them in a separate box so that it doesn’t get lost.

Now that you have unscrewed all the screws, you will notice that the sink is securely placed on the top of your CPU with a thick layer of thermal grease.

Now to remove the sink, you need to hold the mounting bracket gently. Then slowly pull it upwards only. Don’t pull in any other direction, or the brackets may break.

Then slowly wiggle it out of the assembly. Know that you need to wiggle it only in a forth and then back motion so that the thermal grease adhesive breaks.

After this, remove the sink-fan from the CPU chassis. Now put the sink gently on a fully flat and non-slippery surface. Also, know that the sink should be put on the side which doesn’t have thermal grease. After all, you surely wouldn’t want that compound contaminating your workspace or other parts.

Now push on the socket-retainer lever before pulling it outward. Keep in mind that you need to pull it away and not towards the CPU. After all, only when you will pull the lever will you free it from the retaining clip.

After that, you need to lift that lever till it is fully upright. This action will stop putting pressure on your hinged socket retainer. Also, you will notice that the topmost part of the CPU still has some thermal grease stuck to it.

Now hold the edges of your CPU PCB before lifting gently out of your socket. Then put the CPU down on a surface or mat. Keep in mind that no matter the surface you are putting it on, it must be antistatic. Only then can you begin removing the CPU from its antistatic packaging.


After this, hold your CPU again by those notches and then position it right over the socket. Make sure that the PCB notches align just perfectly with the socket keys. Now keep in mind that you shouldn’t use force to press down the PCB on the socket. Because if you do, then irreparable damage can take place. So make sure that it just fits gently and perfectly.


If you do it correctly, then your CPU will be lying flat in its socket. Also, the CPU notches will be aligned perfectly with the socket keys. Thus, preventing the CPU from moving about the socket.

Conclusion :

Follow these above steps if you want to remove your heat sink perfectly and without incurring any damage. You should remember that you need to be gentle while carrying out all the above steps. This is because if you use force, then you might end up damaging a part. As such, it is a little trick and a risky job. So if you feel like you can’t do it alone, call a computer technician and get them to do the job for you.


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