How To Remove GPU From Motherboard?

How To Remove GPU From Motherboard

Are you planning on upgrading your GPU? Or maybe you are making other changes to your computer? No matter the reason, removing GPU chips is quite a difficult task that one needs patience for. So if you are ready for the task and want to know how to remove GPU from motherboard, then keep on reading.

Below, I will tell you the detailed process for removing the GPU from your motherboard.

How To Get Your GPU Out From The Motherboard?

Before beginning, I would like to remind you that you will need patience for this task. Also, you will need to be careful to prevent damaging your computer in any way. Now that you know about this, here are the steps you need to follow if you want to know the answer to how to remove GPU from motherboard:

  • First, switch off your PC sound and then wait 20 seconds before unplugging it from the power outlet. Waiting a little while will drain out the excess power from the computer components.
  • Know that static electricity can easily damage all of your computer components. So before handling any of your system components, discharge all of the static electricity by putting on an antistatic wrist band securely connected to any grounded object.
  • Now remove your desktop’s side panel to access its internal parts. Note that there will be screws that you will have to unfasten while removing the side panel. As such, make sure to have a screwdriver handy. Also, use a small tray to store the small screws safely.
  • You will generally find that the GPU is connected securely to the computer’s power supply. This is done using an eight-pin or maybe a six-pin PCIe cable. It is this cable that gives the graphics card its power to work.
  • Now you need to remove this PCIe cable from your graphics card. To do this, push the clip present on the cable down and then gently pull the PCIe cable safely away from your graphics card.
  • Know that along with this, and the computer case will be holding the graphics card as well. So you need to use your screwdriver to unfasten these screws.
  • This will completely disconnect the GPU from the computer case. Now you will find that the card is slotted nicely into its PCIe slot. Also, you will find that there will definitely be a little clip holding your graphics card in its place, attached to the motherboard.
  • You need to push down the clip gently. This should release your graphics card. After this, you need to remove your graphics card slowly from its slot. Make sure to store your graphics card in an antistatic bag.

Overall, removing a graphics card from your motherboard isn’t that difficult a task. But you still need to observe caution. Note that if you cannot identify the graphics card or fail to extract the card, you need to call a technician. He or she will be able to do the job.

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