How To Power Xbox One Without Brick?

How To Power Xbox One Without Brick

Brick or Power Brick in an Xbox is a transformer that supplies current to the gaming console. It comes along with the Xbox Gaming equipment and manuals. But, even though it plays an important role in providing power to Xbox, it can last up to ten straight years. A lot of users who tend to lose the brick face issues as a power brick plays a major role in supplying power. Even though Xbox One definitely requires a power source, brick is more or less an important part of it. Thankfully, there are certain ways that will help you, but in case you do not know how to power Xbox one without brick, do not worry.

In this article, you will find the easy ways to power Xbox One without brick. Keep reading to know more!

Simple ways to power Xbox One without Brick

The following are some of the easy ways that can help you fix Xbox one brick and use Xbox One without brick:

  1. Reset System
    The brick may not work in case the Xbox is corrupted. In that case, you need to reset the system. To do so, you need to first click on the Xbox button and select the ‘’settings’’ option. Next, click on ‘’Console Info’’ and then on ‘’Reset Console’’. Then click on ‘’Reset and Remove everything,’’ and your work is done.
  2. Use without a brick
    Now, if you wonder how to power Xbox one without brick, then the process is pretty simple. However, before that, it is important to understand that using Xbox One without a brick is tough. First, you need to fix the brick, or at least replace it. However, if you cannot get your hands onto one as soon as possible, you can try to unplug the cable that is connected to the brick and gaming console. Then plug the cable halfway through the adapter unless it makes a sound. Next, shake the plug softly while checking out if the power unit turns on the orange light, and when that happens, you can switch on the console again.
  3. Improve the ventilation process
    Your Xbox One brick may also act up when due to its temperature. You need to first turn off your Xbox and keep your console in a cool place that allows circulating air to solve this issue. Wait for an hour or so, and then turn on your Xbox.
  4. Contact experts
    Contacting experts is the best as well as the last option that guarantees a solution. Get in touch with Xbox Customer support.


Brick plays an important role in supplying power to your favorite gaming console. However, if you are looking for Xbox video gaming that comes with no brick, you can try the brand new Xbox One S. Other than that, make sure to follow the instructions and contact expert support whenever needed.

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