How To Overclock Non-K-CPU?

How To Overclock Non-K-CPU

Do you want to play games with better quality graphics and performance? Or maybe you want to watch movies of ultra-high quality? No matter what you want to do, note that you will have to overclock your CPU for both these purposes. But what if you have a non-K CPU? Then you must be asking- how to overclock non-K-CPU?

Here I will tell you the answer to precisely that. But before I answer, how will you be able to overclock your non-K-CPU? It’s time to know what a Non-K-CPU is?

What Is A Non-K-CPU?

Generally, people think that K-CPUs can be easily overclocked, while Non-K-CPUs mean that they can’t be overclocked. This means that CPUs with K have their multiplier unlocked. So, as a result, you will be able to set any value that you want. But it could crash if it’s set way too high.

Also, know that if you increase the bus speed, you will be able to improve your CPU speed. Knowing that having unlocked multipliers and the bus speed will allow you to get stable overclocks.

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How to Overclock Non-K-CPUs?

Know that the ASRock BFB or Base Frequency Boost tech will allow you to install even non-K series of CPUs on specific selected ASRock 400 as well as 300 motherboards. These are also called non-Z models and have a base boost frequency with the hidden processor power almost immediately.

This tech works by boosting up the TDP rate that’s also known as the Thermal Design Point. You will find that the value given here is a good rating (given in Watts) which a certain CPU will be able to run while under the load for extensive periods. This is called PL1 or Power Level One rating. While there is indeed a PL2 rating, too, but this stands for the short-term wattage frequency boost.

By changing the value of PL1, ASRock tricks the CPU into a better base frequency than the stock one. Let me explain this better by giving you an example. So, let’s say that you have a Corei9-10900, which comes with a 65W CPU and a 2.8GHz powerful base clock. So now the BFB tech of ASRock will push the Thermal Design Point way above that of its stock setting- till about 125W.

When the CPU will be running at this rate, the CPU will think it should work at 3.7GHz. Note that this is a 900MHz overclock that oversteps the overclocking barriers and creates an excellent frequency bump. Now, note that this won’t be achievable on a simple non-K processor.

Will This ASRock Tech Cool Your CPU Too?

The main problem with overclocking is cooling and knowing that your CPUs boost frequency will depend a lot on the entire cooling system that your rig has. So this means that if you are using a normal stock cooler, you won’t benefit. It’s advised that you use a better and more powerful cooler to be able to overclock non-K-CPUs.

It’s indeed possible to overclock non-K-CPUs. But you will need to ensure that you have a powerful cooling system as well to support it. Otherwise, you won’t get the overclock power you are looking for.

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