How To Move Task Manager To Other Monitor?

How To Move Task Manager To Other Monitor

We all love gaming, and we know that the bigger the screen, the better the gaming. So most of us use two or three monitors to play in peace. However, games don’t always run smoothly. Sometimes they lag and freeze without any warning. In such situations, it’s often difficult to call the Task Manager. However, even if you are successful, it doesn’t show up on the monitor that has frozen. So here I will tell you how to move task manager to other monitor.

What Are The Various Ways To Move The Task Manager From One Monitor To The Other?

When you are gaming on multiple monitors, then generally, it’s easy to call the task manager on one monitor. Often it turns out to the central one. So if the primary monitor has frozen due to a game, then you can exit right away. But what if it’s one of the side monitors?

Then here are the ways you can call the task manager to the monitor with the frozen or black gaming screen.

Use Alt+Tab

Follow the below steps to get to Task Manager on your other monitor and end the nightmare frozen screen:

  • First, try to press the Alt+Tab buttons together to choose the Task Manager.
  • If you are successful in doing this, then you may use the Snap keyboard shortcuts. These keys are the Windows+ left/right arrow keys.
  • Press them repeatedly in the direction that’s away from the PC monitor screen that has the game. Then check if you can open Screen Settings. After that, change your side monitor to the default one. After this, try opening Task Manager again.
  • If it opens, then you can escape. However, don’t forget to switch the default settings back to the screen you want to use.

Use Alt+D

Most often, when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to run your Task Manager, it gets covered by the fullscreen window that your game/program must be running in. If that is your situation, then you can try this step if the above one isn’t working:

  • Use Alt+Tab to check the state of the Task Manager. You won’t be able to interact in any way with it, but you will get to see it.
  • So if you find that it’s currently in compact mode, press on the Alt+D keys to get into details mode and out of the compact mode it is in.
  • Now type in Alt+O and then Alt+D. This will engage the Always on Top command.
  • This will bring your Task Manager to the top, and then you will be able to terminate the frozen program.

Use The Virtual Desktops

To use virtual desktops to get out of the frozen screen, follow the below steps:

  • First, press the Windows+Tab keys together. This will call forth the Switcher.
  • If you click on the +key, it will start a brand new kind of virtual desktop. So this means that right now, you will have a new and clean desktop that doesn’t have anything on it.
  • Most importantly, the frozen program won’t be here. As such, you can call your Task Manager usually and then run it on the virtual desktop to end the frozen program.

If you follow the above three escape points, you will run your Task Manager and escape the frozen game or program taken over your screen. However, if you see that nothing is working, then reboot your PC. This will terminate any frozen program.

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