How To Make Minecraft Use More Cores?

How To Make Minecraft Use More Cores

Are you getting into gaming? Or have you always been a gamer? No matter what your player status is, you must have heard of Minecraft at least. Minecraft is one of those games that is easy to play and yet is engaging enough for generations of gamers to stay hooked on to it. But when it comes to rendering and gaming performance, gamers always want more. So one of the most researched questions is about- how to make Minecraft use more cores?

But the question is- is it even possible to do so? So let us find out if you can make Minecraft make use of more cores. But first, you need to know: 

What Is Minecraft? 

Know that Minecraft is the name of a famous video game where players will have to create and break apart different kinds of blocks present in the 3D world. There are two major modes in the game. One is Creative, and the other is Survival. In the latter section, players will have to find their food and building supplies. There they also have to interact with moving creatures of mobs who are basically blocks. In the Creative stage, you can do anything you want. This is the part that attracts everyone to Minecraft. 

How Many Cores Does Minecraft Use? 

Note that Minecraft generally only uses three core at a maximum. However, the three cores are just a technicality. In reality, only one thread does the major heavy lifting. For example, if you use an AMD-Threadripper 3990X which is the most powerful and yet affordable CPU, then Minecraft will be using less than even 1% of the power and performance that Threadripper 3990X has to offer. 

So you might think that multi-threading where you make the game use more cores will help. But that’s not the case either. Know that simultaneous multi-threading or Hyper-threading where the CPU uses two logical cores or threads for each physical core doesn’t help Minecraft a lot. But it doesn’t hurt it either. 

This means that you can’t make Minecraft make use of multiple cores more efficiently. As a result, know that you won’t be able to make Minecraft handle multi-threading. The opposite might be possible- it might run faster and better on an old, dual-core CPU. 

Can You Make Minecraft Use More Cores?

You can try to change Minecraft’s single threading to multi-threading, but it will mean that you will have to write the entire code for Minecraft again. After all, Minecraft isn’t made to use multiple cores, and that’s why you can’t make it use more than three core. 

But you can try to use Akarin for making the code multi-threaded. Many have tried this as well but know that this is complex, and things do tend to get buggy quickly. So if you are not a pro programmer, then it’s advised that you stay away from it. 

So if you are planning on playing Minecraft, then instead of running after multi-threading, it’s advised that you opt for a CPU that will give you the best possible single-thread performance. It’s futile to run after more cores and such for a game that doesn’t support it. All you will be doing, in this case, is wasting your money that could be better used elsewhere.

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