How Can You Find Out What CPU Cooler You Have?

How to find out what CPU cooler I have

If you are making a computer, then you need to install a high-quality cooling system as well. After all, the cooling system will help dissipate the processor-generated heat so that your system’s other components don’t get damaged. But what if you need to replace the cooling system? Or what if you need to upgrade it? For these reasons and more, you need to know what kind of CPU cooler you need. But first, you need to find out what kind of cooler you have. But if you don’t have that information, you must ask, how to find out what CPU cooler I have? 

To help you out, I will tell you how to know what CPU cooler you have.

How Can You Find Out What CPU Cooler You Have?

There is much software that will give you information about RAM, motherboard, CPU, and such. But there aren’t any that will tell you what sort of cooler you have. So if you want to know your cooler type, you need to take off your CPUs side-cover and then look up to see the model and make of the cooler.  

But if you can’t open the side-cover or are afraid to do so, you can look up your PC model online and try to see if there’s a part number listed therein.

Types of CPU Coolers

There are multiple kinds of CPU coolers in the market. So if you are planning on changing the cooling system, you need to know the kind of coolers available in the market.

Air-based CPU Coolers

If you are a general computer user, then air coolers are perfect for you. You will find that these cheap coolers can be adequately used for stock air-cooler replacements. Note that these cooling units dissipate heat by using specifically designed heat-fins. As a result, the inside of the computer case maintains a low temperature.

Air-coolers are the best solution for small custom computers that need extra cooling beyond the stock-model coolers. However, there are some downsides to these air coolers as well.


  1. These air coolers are large when compared to the cooling water ones. As a result, these fans probably won’t fit well in all PC cases.
  2. If you are making a PC for gaming or anything else that will run hotter than normal, then an air cooler won’t keep your CPU adequately cool.
  3. Most air coolers run at high RPMs, so be prepared to hear loud fan noises.

Water/Liquid Coolers

Liquid or water-based coolers are certainly an improvement over air coolers. These cooling systems are better at keeping the temperature of your processor at a manageable level. Also, know that these coolers run at low RPMs, making them quieter than the above air coolers. These water cooling systems make less noise because the heat gets transferred using a liquid inside the CPU system.

These cooling systems aren’t used by those PC builders or users who only moderately use their systems. Sure, you can install this cooling system if you only sometimes use your PC, but ultimately it will be unnecessarily expensive for you.

Know that, just like any other cooling system, it has its disadvantages as well.


  1. The one major disadvantage is that there is always a possibility that the liquids could leak around electrical components and cause electrical hazards.

If you only moderately use your PC, then having air-coolers will be enough. But if you are a hardcore gamer, then you will need to opt for liquid cooling. However, before you go for any upgradation or replacement, you will have to know what CPU cooler model you have. Now, to know that, you need to open your CPU and lookup. But, if you don’t know how to open your CPU side, then there is no need to worry. Just call a technician who will help you out.

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