How to Deactivate a PS4 You Don’t Have?

How to Deactivate a PS4 You Don't Have

PlayStation is one of the leading video gaming brands launched by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was first released back in 1994, and ever since, it has alleviated the mundane experience of every gamer around the world. In addition, the brand has launched several other PS gaming consoles, including Playstation 3 (2006), PlayStation 3 Slim (2009), PlayStation 3 Super Slim (2012), Playstation 4 (2013), etc. however, just as popular is it, a PlayStation is also considered to be a luxurious item. So, if you lose your PS4, you must quickly call the police and contact the official Sony Customer Care services. However, in the meanwhile, you must also deactivate your PS4 so that no one can breach your personal details by any means. But, if you do not know how to deactivate a PS4 you don’t have, then don’t worry! We have got your back.

This is a mini-guide that will help you deactivate your PS4 instantly. Keep reading to learn more

Deactivate Your Ps4 From The Website

If you do not have the console and you need to deactivate your PS4 directly from the website. Follow the steps which will tell you how to deactivate a PS4 you don’t have, and you are all set!

  1. From your desktop, you need to open the official page of PlayStation. In fact, you can use your preferred web browser.
  2. Once you enter the webpage, you need to sign in to your PS account.
  3. Then, you need to navigate towards the left side and click on the ‘Device Management’.
  4. After you do so, next, you need to click on the ‘PlayStation Consoles’.
  5. You will notice a ‘Deactivate All Devices’ option when you take this action.
  6. Next, click on the option
  7. It will ask you to confirm your choice.
  8. Your work is simply done once you confirm your choice.


The following are a few popular frequently asked questions you must refer to:

  1. What will happen after I deactivate the PS4 account?
    When you finally delete the account, your licenses from the primary account will move to the secondary account.
  2. Can I deactivate my PS4 whenever I want?
    You can only deactivate your account once every six months.
  3. Can I open a new account instead of deleting the old one?
    You may not be able to open a new account unless you have deleted your previous account.


If you begin to face issues with your PS4, you can contact the official PlayStation Customer care or browse through Sony’s official website. However, if you lose your PS4 or get it stolen, you must surely report to your nearest police station and then consult to experts who can help you deactivate the PS4 you do not have. Other than that, now that you know the general way to deactivate your account, you do not need to worry about anything!

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