How To Check If The CPU Cooler is Working?

How To Check If The CPU Cooler is Working

You use your PC every day for carrying out several high-value tasks. For accomplishing these tasks, you open, interact and close multiple kinds of applications. But all these applications put a strain on your PC that causes it to heat up. 

So without a CPU cooler, helping keep the integrated circuits and microprocessors cool, your computer won’t last for a long time. As such, it becomes vital to keep your CPU cooler in a functional condition. But the question is- how to check if the CPU cooler is working?  If you don’t know how to do that, then don’t worry. I will tell you how you can check it.

How To Know If Your CPU Is Heating Up Too Much?

The first thing you need to do before checking if the cooler is working or not finds out just how hot your system is. You can find this out by downloading software that can tell you the temperature details of your hardware and motherboard.

Once you run the software, you will find several different readings on the screen. There will be fan speeds, voltage readings, and more data. But these numbers are not your concern.

What you will have to look at is the Temperature section. You will find that under this, there will be at least three CPU readings. In most software, one reading will show just how hot your CPU is, while the other two will display the minimum and maximum temperatures your CPU has hit after running the software.

If you find that your CPU temperature is in the upper end of the 40s, there is no need to worry as those temperatures are pretty standard. What you need to look out for is temperatures in the 70s. Now, this is a cause for concern. But if the temperature doesn’t come down, then you need to be really worried.

After all, if the temperature isn’t decreasing, then it means that your CPU cooler cannot cool the systems.

How To Check If Your CPU Cooler Is Working?

To check if your cooler is working or not, you need to open it up and see what is wrong inside. The first thing you should check for is dust. If the fans, motherboard, and other components are covered in dust, that might be the main reason behind steady heat buildup.

Of course, the only solution now is to clean up your dusty components. Another reason your PC could be running hot is due to your CPU getting overclocked. You should cancel the overclocking and take the system back to its normal speeds in such a situation. If you find that this doesn’t work, then the only solution is to upgrade your CPU cooler’s fan and heat sink. This should solve your problems.

How To Check Your CPU Cooling If You Have A Liquid Cooling Pump?

If you have a liquid cooling pump, then the only way to check if it’s functioning properly is to look at the pump’s RPM. Know that to get the pump reading; your pump needs to be connected to your motherboard’s fan header. Any other connection will not give you the reading.

To check the RPM readings, you will have to download one of the free programs that give you this pump reading. A simple Google search will tell you all the apps you can download. If the readings show N/A or 0, your pump isn’t working, and you need to get it replaced.

It’s straightforward to check the status of your CPU cooler. But if you can’t open the CPU, then it’s advised that you call professional technicians. They will be able to help you with your CPU and the CPU cooler.

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