How to Check CPU Speed After Overclocking?

How to Check CPU Speed After Overclocking

Suppose you are interested in playing high-quality and high-resolution games or running high-power-consuming softwares. In that case, you will need to overrun your CPU to get the necessary speed levels. After all, without overclocking, your applications won’t run properly, and so you won’t be able to enjoy a high gaming experience, and neither will you be able to get your work done. However, how will you know that the necessary steps taken by you to overclock your CPU have worked? That’s why you need to check your CPU speed. But then you must be asking- how to check CPU speed after overclocking?

That’s precisely what I will tell you here.

How Can You Check The CPU Speed After Overclocking?

Know that many people rely on Windows Information System for giving them the required information about CPU speeds. However, that isn’t always accurate. Not to mention that knowing the correct CPU speed often involves navigating a minefield of processor information. So if you don’t know what you are looking for, then you might consider a random processor speed as the overclocked one.

The additional issue is that the Windows Information System might show you the stock speeds as being the overclocked ones. So the only way you will be able to get accurate information about your CPU speeds after overclocking is by using the software.

Know that many different kinds of software will be able to tell you the CPU overclocking speeds. Most of them will tell you all about the various speeds of the system. So they are also way more detailed as well as accurate than the Windows Information System.

What Are The Steps To Check Your CPU Speeds After Overclocking?

Here I will be listing the steps to follow if you are using an application to check the CPU speeds after overclocking. Know that these steps might not match accurately with the software you have installed. But if you follow these guidelines, then you will surely be able to check the processor speeds.

No matter what software your download to check your overclocking speed, know that the first step is to run the software.

After you run it, you will find that this application will present you with a whole gamut of information about the system. But your objective should be to look at the part which says Core Speed.

In this part, you will get to see the real processor speed. Keep in mind that the speed will be shown in MHz and not GHz. So you need to move up the decimal point by three places to your left. As a result of this, you will get a reading of GHz. For example: if you see results or 2900.3 MHz, then in GHz, it will be 2.9003 GHz. So it will be rounded to 2.9 GHz.

An example of such software is CPU-Z. So if you are confused about which program to use, then you can choose this one.

What If You Use A Modern Processor?

Know that the above software’s speeds will probably be the stock speed if you have a modern processor. This is because modern and new processors make use of the Turbo Mode to boost the processor frequency only when the computer needs it. This helps save energy when you are doing nothing but just surfing the web.

However, this also means that if you are just surfing the web, the processor will be operating at stock speeds or underclocked speeds. So if you check speeds during this time, then you won’t get an accurate reading.

If you are overclocking such a processor, you will essentially be doing that by overclocking this turbo mode. So if you want to draw the correct overclocking speed, you will have to run a powerful game or the application for which you overclocked your system. But what if you currently don’t have any application that will show you the overclocked speeds? We have a solution for that too.

One way is to run everything on your computer. Now when you are running it, check the CPU speed using the software. You will get a new and improved core speed. Now, you might be thinking that this way of checking the CPU speed is unreliable. Then know that you will be right in thinking so.

But there’s a more reliable method. In this method, you need to use a stress-test powerful program. This will push your CPU till it makes use of the extra boost. So this way, you will be able to see the overclocked speeds of your CPU accurately.

Now, there are a lot of other ways you will be able to check the overclocked speed. One is by using the BIOS or perhaps by multiplying bus speed. But these are pretty time taking ways of getting to know your overclocked speed. The above two are the easiest ways you can check the overclocked speed of your CPU.

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