How To Change Rgb Fan Color? It’s Super Easy

How To Change Rgb Fan Color

RGB LED lights definitely add an extra spark to your computer setup. You can either set up one solid color or mix blue, green, and red. Either way, you get to choose the color that suits you.  It sure is easy to attach RGB lights to your motherboard or fan since most of these products come with inbuilt RGB LED lights, but do you know how to change rgb fan color? RGB LED lights come in daisy-chain strips, making it easier for you to connect fans with the lights. 

That being said, before we continue further, you must be thinking how tough or easy it is to change rgb fan color on your own; well, it surely is easy for the professionals but this article will tell you the best and the easy way to get your work done in an instant.

Change RGB fan color in simple ways.

Controlling RGB fan colors has become an easy task, thanks to the popular softwares we have got. The following are some of the most preferred softwares that will help you to change RGB fan colors:

1.Thermaltake RGB Plus Software

Thermaltake RGB Plus Software helps you configure the settings. All you need to do is click on the red or green icon placed near the fan’s name. Then you can change the performance of the fan based on your requirements. Importantly, you can also change the color effects by changing the color mode and the speed. When you select on ‘Color’ in this software, you can select single lights to configure. In fact, it also lets you turn on and off the led lights.

2. Gigabyte RGB Fusion

Gigabyte RGB Fusion is yet another software that guides you well when your motive is to change the rgb fan colors smoothly. To do so, you can select the mode and effects of led lights. The icon to do so is situated right in the center of the software tab. You can also choose from different light mode options that will allow you to change the brightness and speed of the lights.

3. MSI Mystic Light

MSI is one of the leading gaming brands in the world, not just it offers tech geeks all forms of exciting updates and gaming related products, but it also gives you the best choice when you wonder how to change rgb fan lights?
You can make changes instantly, all thanks to MSI Mystic light software. This will help you to control the settings after the connections are properly linked. For example, you can change the hue of the RGB colors or change the saturation. This software also offers a color wheel and saturation slider that helps you decide how exactly you want your fan colors to be. Additionally, you can also save your settings, edit, or create a new one while saving the previous one. Finally, you can say that MSI Mystic light lets you store your settings so you can change the mode according to your desire.

4. ASRock Polychrome

RGBASRock Polychrome RGB is simple to use and learn. To change settings, all you need to do is select the LED and change the hue of the color from the color wheel according to your preference. It lets you change the settings of one single led color instead of wholly changing the entire mode. Additionally, you can change the style or disable the LED lights according to your choice. Once all your necessary changes are made, you need to click on ‘apply’ and watch the magic happen in an instant.

5. Gamdias RGB Remote Control

Gamdias RGB Remote Control is yet another simple and popular software that lets you control the RGB led fan colors. However, this software may not give results if you use a motherboard without RGB configurations.

This software gives you the liberty to turn on and off the led lights, and not just so; it also allows you to increase as well as decrease the speed of the lights. Side by side, it offers two modes known as the RGB led Breathing Pulse mode and the RGB led color cycle mode. Additionally, you can also set it back to default whenever you want. 

6. Asus Aura Sync

Asus Aura Sync allows you to sync the RGB fan lights. But there is more to it! Asus Aura Sync lets you turn on and off the RGB colors without actually turning off the pc. In fact, you can choose between light syncing options and other color options for pro gaming.
You can change the modes, color type, and effects by browsing the options given on the left-hand side of the software. However, with the help of that, you can also easily change the hue, speed, saturation, brightness, and other essential requirements that will help you put up a cool PC setup like never before.


So, now the trouble of changing RGB fan color will end for you. As we have mentioned some of the best software that will help you modify your PC according to you. The number of colors may be limited, but the power of modifying the fan colors will give you some of the best experiences of your life!

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