How to Allocate More Ram to a Game?

How to Allocate More Ram to a Game

RAM or Random Access Memory stores the contents of your PC. This means that once you start a game, RAM is involved in it. RAM is used instead of your PC’s hard disk, simply because it is faster and is used more for storing temporary items. This means that the more best RAM you have, the better your gaming experience will be. After all, you can then store temporary information easily. Not to mention that it will also lead to better and faster loading times. However, everyone can’t buy sticks of RAM just for gaming. In such situations, you can allocate more RAM to your game so that your gaming experience gets better. So do you want to know how to allocate more Ram to a game? Then read on below:

What Is RAM Allocation?

RAM allocation refers to the memory amount that’s required or used for operating any program in your iOS or Windows computers. Essential programs like Notepad don’t need much memory, but others, like gaming applications, need a lot. So if you allocate more RAM to these programs, then they will run smoothly.

But note that you will be able to give more RAM to a gaming application only if you have free memory. As such, you need to limit the number of programs you are running at the same time. So you need to close all other kinds of programs except the gaming program you want to allocate memory to. This will free up a lot of RAM immediately. If you still can’t get enough memory, then try to delete some applications.

How To Carry Out RAM Allocation?

Follow the below steps to assign RAM to a gaming program in Windows 10:

  • First, head to Properties and then select Advanced System-Settings. This function will launch a pop-up box. There you need to click on System Properties to start a new option set.
  • From the options set given, you need to choose the option that says- Adjust Best Performance. Then click on Apply to make those changes permanent.
  • Now you need to restart your computer to take effect, and your gaming application will get the required allocation.

Is There Any Other Way To Allocate RAM To A Specific Game?

There is one other way you will be able to allocate memory to the program you want. However, before we tell you the steps, you need to know that this can shut down other programs. If you are fine with that happening, then follow the below steps:

  • Go to Windows Task Manager and then select the option saying Processes. After that, right-click on the needed priority gaming process.
  • Now click on the Set Priority option to ensure that the RAM focuses on the gaming application you want. This will speed up your game.

What If The Game Still Isn’t Running Smoothly?

If the above two methods haven’t solved your problem, then know that the gaming application could limit the RAM amount being used. You can change this by adjusting the default RAM settings of the game. This should then help speed up your program.

Know that the steps for changing the default settings vary from one game to the other, so you need to figure that out yourself. However, in most cases, the Preferences or Settings menu lets you make changes regarding the RAM allocation. Make sure that you have enough RAM to support the game you want to play along with this. For example, if you are playing modern titles, make sure that you have 12-16 gb of RAM.

It is indeed easy to carry out the RAM allocation for not just your gaming application, but for any program you want. However, know that generally, you don’t need to specifically allocate RAM to a game for it to run smoothly. Having enough free memory is often enough for that.

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