How Often Should You Replace The Thermal Paste On The CPU?

How Often Should You Replace The Thermal Paste On the CPU

Every fast-performing device comes with intensified heat, bringing the chance of breakage or impairment. That is when the knight in the shining armor, the one and only; Thermal paste, shows up. If you are a geek, you probably must know about the thermal paste or CPU grease and heat sink compound. I understand why you had to search how often should you replace the thermal paste on the CPU on google.

The thermal paste is a simple substance that comes as a precious gift once you have discovered the uses. Generally, advanced computer geeks use the thermal paste quite often for cooling their CPUs. However, if you are dealing with a high-tempered CPU, being or not being an expert, you can always count on thermal paste instead of paying bucks to any computer repairer. 

If you wish to learn more about thermal paste, the instructions are simple, and you can experience the quality performance of your computer repeatedly. 

What is a thermal paste?

The thermal paste, also known as heat sink paste or thermal interface material, helps your CPU cool down while you overclock or use the computer more than normal hours. Thermal paste is used to terminate the air gaps between the surfaces of the metal bodies present in the CPU and allow heat transfer. An efficient heat transfer can protect your CPU from long-term damage. Applying thermal paste and attaching a CPU cooler is the best way for the computer to run smoothly without any haphazard and best quality gaming and video editing. 

How to use thermal paste?

Using thermal paste is pretty straightforward, and thousands of other geeks out there have been performing by reading and understanding the instructions properly. However, if this is your first time using thermal paste, I would recommend you to steadily and calmly go through all the instructions before getting started. 

Step 1

You need to read and understand the instructions mentioned on the pack of the thermal paste. Different companies have their CPUs built differently, so; you need to know almost everything about your CPU for better thermal paste registering. 

Step 2

You need to apply thermal paste on the center of the CPU’s integrated heat spreader (IHS). The amount of the thermal paste should be as small as the size of peanuts. 

Step 3 

After you are done with applying the thermal paste, put a slight amount of pressure and slowly place the water block or base-plate of your cooler on the CPU. Once done, you can now steadily place the cooler on the mounting mechanism. 

Step 4

After you are done evenly spreading the thermal paste and fitting the CPU cooler, make sure it is perfectly done. Make sure there is no extra paste leaked near the motherboard or the CPU. 

How often should you replace thermal paste?

The thermal paste for CPU comes with a long-term commitment, so once you have applied the thermal paste properly, there is no need to change it within at least 7-10 years. However, it also depends on your CPU situation and how roughly you use it. Nonetheless, you should keep proper maintenance of your CPU to avoid constant thermal paste replacement. 

You do not need to worry about replacing; instead, you can do the following:

  1. Clean the dust filters 
  2. Make sure the CPU cooler is working properly 
  3. Clean the computer at least once in two months. 
  4. Make sure your CPU is in a clean environment and does not overheat. 

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