How Much is a Hard Drive for Xbox 360?

How Much is a Hard Drive for Xbox 360

Want to play on your Xbox 360? You will need a hard disk for that. Now, over time, the hard disk that comes with the console will get damaged or full. As such, the time will come to replace it, and then the first thought on your mind will obviously be how much is a hard drive for Xbox 360?

Here I will tell you just that. But before I tell you about the price of an Xbox 360 hard drive, you need to know something about your console’s hard drive.

What Should You Know About Xbox 360’s Hard Drive?

Know that Xbox 360 comes installed with SATA hard drives, which are 2.5″. These detachable drives have custom firmware, making it possible to shift data from one Xbox to another. About 7GB of it is fully reserved for system use.

What Is The Hard Disk Space Size Of A Xbox 360?

Know that the original system came loaded with a good 20GB full hard drive. The drive was later on upgraded to 60GB, 120GB, and 250GB, respectively.

Now, it’s important to note that in 2010, the parent company, Microsoft introduced a new console version called Xbox 360 S. This utilized a brand new form-factor for the 250GB loaded hard drives.

As a result, the originally made hard drives can’t be fully used in the new consoles. In 2011, Microsoft announced a 320GB hard drive for the Xbox360S system.

Later on, the 320GB drive was made compatible with the original model of Xbox 360 as well. Finally, in 2014, Microsoft released a 500GB drive for the new Xbox 360 S model. This is the biggest hard drive that you can get with the Xbox 360 console.

What Is The Price Of A Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

Now you will obviously want to know how much is a hard drive for Xbox 360? So note that the price of a hard disk will vary according to the storage size. If you buy a 250GB hard drive, you will obviously have to pay a lot less than to say, a 500GB one.

Now, the price of these hard drives is always fluctuating. But if you want to buy a 250GB hard drive for your Xbox 360 console, then you should get ready to pay anywhere from $34 to $38.

Moving on to the next storage point, if you want to buy a 350GB hard drive, you might have to spend anywhere from $49 to $51. Now, coming to the last storage point, if you want to get a 500GB drive, then you will have to shell out anywhere from $54 to $67.

Note that you shouldn’t buy a hard drive as per your whims. For example, the 500GB hard drive might look attractive since you can store more games there. But you need to pay attention to the specifications of the console you have. After all, some systems won’t support such a hard drive. So only after a thorough inspection should you buy a hard drive.

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