How Long Does Thermal Paste Take To Dry?

How Long Does Thermal Paste Take To Dry

Are you fixing your CPU cooler? Then you will need to reapply thermal paste when you are putting it all together. However, there is one question that most people ask before they put on that paste- how long does thermal paste take to dry? 

If you, too, have read the packet of thermal paste for some drying time instructions, but haven’t found any, then this is the right place you have come to. I will tell you all you need to know about thermal paste and its drying time. 

How Long Does It Take For Thermal Paste To Dry? 

Many people think that thermal paste is like the adhesive they use to glue strips of paper together. But that’s not true at all. Know that thermal paste or grease is adhesive for sure, but it’s a cooling component too. After all, it binds the heat-sink and the CPU cooler together. As a result, it ensures that there’s proper cooling. Thanks to this paste, the hot air can’t get in the gap between those two components and damage the CPU more. 

So, since it’s not a standard adhesive so know that it doesn’t dry like a normal one. Thermal paste doesn’t dry at all. It stays mushy and malleable generally even after it has been used for some time. So there is no need to waste your time by sitting around and waiting for it to dry. Know that your CPU will be fine and work properly even if you don’t let it dry or sit. 

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How Often Do You Need To Replace Thermal Grease/Paste?

You don’t need to replace thermal paste very frequently. In fact, doing it once every year is enough. Know that there are different kinds of thermal pastes, and each of them comes with specific kinds of thermal connectivity. So the higher that connectivity-rate, the faster you will end up having to reapply it. Note that liquid pastes work better at conducting CPU heat rather than non-metallic compounds. Also, it has been found that non-metallic pastes have to be reapplied first. 

This is because the paste will dry and crack after months of use. Now, this happens due to the hot air from the CPU. So, this must-have informed you that thermal paste ‘drying’ isn’t a positive thing. In fact, you should avoid drying the paste. 

If you don’t reapply thermal grease or paste, then your PC could start to malfunction since it will essentially not get cooled perfectly. Over time it will fully overheat. As a result, this can damage your CPU as well as the other parts of the computer. 

What Is The Perfect Thermal Paste Amount To Apply?

Also, know that thermal paste will last longer if it is applied perfectly. But you might ask- what is the perfect amount? Know that there is no measurement as such, but generally, it’s agreed that you should start with a pea-sized amount and then add more if needed. 

As for applying, know that you need to put the paste right on the center and then use the heat-sink to push and spread the paste well into your CPU. However, here’s a word of caution- if you are using a liquid paste, use a paper-thin-sized amount over your CPU. 

Remember that when you are applying thermal paste, you need to wait for it to dry out. This is because the thermal paste isn’t supposed to dry right after putting it on. In fact, it should dry after almost a year of use due to the hot air present in the CPU. So you can lock in your CPU after applying thermal paste. There is no need for it to dry at all. Also, rest assured that your computer will run perfectly if you don’t dry your paste. 

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