Does CPU Come With Thermal Paste?

Does CPU Come With Thermal Paste

Have you been reading up on CPU cooling methods? Or maybe you are thinking of building your own PC? Then you must have heard of thermal paste. Know that thermal paste is an integral part of your CPU since it helps keep it cool. If you are building your PC, you must be asking- does CPU come with thermal paste? Then know that the answer depends on the kind of system you are getting.

So are you intrigued? Then l will be explaining the CPU and thermal paste’s connection below. But first, it’s essential to know about thermal paste?

What Is Thermal Paste?

Thermal paste is a compound that’s applied between the heat sink and the CPU processor. You will be able to buy small thermal paste tubes at the electronics store. The tube generally comes with an applicator that looks like a shovel.

To apply the paste, all you need to do is put a little pea-sized drop between the heat sink and the processor. Use an applicator to spread it fully before attaching the heat sink properly.

Do All CPUs Come With Thermal Paste?

A lot of pre-made CPUs come with thermal paste. But if you are making your PC, then you will have to apply this paste separately. Do keep in mind that if you customize your PC, you will need a tube at least of this post to ensure that your PC runs smoothly. 

The thermal paste helps transfer heat from the processor and right into the important heat-sink. It is this heat sink that then expels away the heat right from the present hardware. This helps ensure that the CPU remains cool and doesn’t get damaged when it is processing hard tasks.

How Does This Paste Work Exactly?

CPUs obviously tend to heat up a lot. So it’s important to draw that heat away from the important parts and that too as soon as possible. However, the air that circulates inside is a bad heat conductor. So the need of the hour is to eliminate that air as much as possible and insert a better heat conductor.

This is where thermal paste comes in. As such, this paste conducts heat and passes it on to the sink for dispersal. Know that thermal paste is the only thing that can be put between the CPU and the heat-sink since these two components are so closely pressed together.

But that’s not the only use of thermal paste. Know that the sink’s contact plate and the CPU surface area are fully covered up with little gaps and grooves. So if they aren’t sealed up well, then these gaps will let air get in between the sink and the processor. As a result of this, there won’t be enough heat transfer efficiency between those two components.

So the thermal paste gets in those little gaps as well and creates a seal that is literally airtight. Due to this, the heat transfer rate improves.

Do You Have To Replace The Thermal Paste?

Know that over time this paste gets dry and old. Now, this dryness actually lessens its effectiveness and makes the CPU heat up. Due to this, it’s advised that you re-apply the paste and prevent your system from getting overheated.

Thermal paste is an important component of a CPU since it helps keep it cool. Know that your computer will heat up fast without this paste, and if it ends up breaching a specific temperature limit, then there will be component damage. But this paste prevents this from happening and keeps your CPU in working condition. So always remember to apply, and then re-apply the paste when needed. But if you feel like you can’t apply it properly, there is no need to worry. Just call a professional computer technician to help you out.

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How Long Does Thermal Paste Take To Dry?

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