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What Does a Graphics Card Do

Do you watch videos? Or perhaps play games on your computer? Indeed, you must have tried your hand at video editing sometime or the other? Then you must have noticed that sometimes the image or video you are working on or watching gets distorted or lags. There can be multiple reasons behind this, but the most common one is the lack of a graphics card. Do you want to know why? Then let me tell you.

What Is The Purpose Of A Graphics Card?

Know that the pictures you view on your PC monitor or laptop screen are created with the help of pixels. Screens display more than a million of these tiny dots as per the instructions sent by the graphics card to create an image for you to see.

But this job isn’t so easy. First, creating an image on-screen means that the graphics card interprets binary signals from the CPU. Then, after that, it decides how the image is going to look. So the job of a graphics card is to interpret signals from the CPU to create an image for you to view on your monitor.

This is a demanding job. Note that to create a 3D picture, the card had to make a wire-frame from straight lines. After that, it fills the rest of the pixels and then adds texture, color, and lighting. Now, this is just for one image. For games, your computer has to repeat this process a minimum of 60 times each second.

So as you can imagine, without a good graphics card to do this heavy lifting, your computer won’t be able to give you smooth gaming or even a viewing experience.

Do You Need To Buy An Extra Graphics Card?

Know that nowadays, most CPUs come with an integrated GPU or Graphical Processing Unit. This is enough for people who use their systems for watching videos, web surfing, or light photo editing. But if you are doing anything more than that, then you will need a graphics card.

For example, if you are a serious gamer, you will absolutely need a high-quality GPU. Most gamers spend a lot of time keeping themselves updated about the newest GPU types available in the market. This is because such cards give them crystal clear pictures and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

However, note that the kind of GPU you will need for gaming depends on the type of games you are playing. Also, know that you can surely buy a high-end graphics card and then future-proof your system, but such cards are costly. As such, you might not be able to afford it. So I would advise you to research before buying.

Also, know that you should look into GPUs if you are a professional video editor. This is because a graphics card will speed up 3D rendering, video encoding, and CAM/CAD apps like that of AutoCAD.


The job of a graphics card is simple- it interprets CPU signals and then tells the monitor to show the picture you need. But this little job is demanding. It becomes even more so when you are gaming, and the card has to interpret and show 60 images and even more in a second. Know that without a graphics card, your CPU will buckle under the weight load. So if you are gaming or video editing, then I would suggest that you look into GPUs.

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