What To Do When There’s an Error Message Showing- Cannot Use The Content PS4 Purchase From PlayStation Store?

Cannot Use The Content PS4 Purchase From PlayStation Store

You open your PS4 and are getting ready to play a game, but when you click on it, a message appears that says- “Cannot use the content ps4 purchase from PlayStation Store.” You also find that there’s a lock icon on the content. Now, you might try clicking on it. But you find that nothing happens.

This will frustrate anyone. After all, if you have purchased a game, you surely will not buy it for a second time. But know that even if you try to buy it a second time, the system won’t allow you. It won’t show you the price for the game or even say if it’s free. So you will effectively be left in the dark.

But you don’t need to stress about this. I will tell you what you can do to play the game you bought.

Why Does The Error Message Show Up?

PS4 is a great system, but it’s not perfect. So you can get error messages that might make no sense at all, like the one stated above. Know that this kind of error message shows up because of multiple reasons. But generally, it happens because your console might be attempting to load a different game version to the one you want to launch.

How To Solve This Error Message And Play The Game?

Here’s how to fix the error:

  • You first need to ensure that your game-sharing mode is on. This will allow your PS4 to share games.
  • After this, you need to update the console so that it can run the latest versions. You will find those updates in your virtual store. So make sure to check it periodically. Know that this process will work for the PS5 as well

What If This Doesn’t Work?

Generally, there isn’t one fixed solution for this error message because you might get the error ping for multiple reasons. So here I will tell you some additional reasons why you might still be getting the message and how you can fix it:

Check your PS+ membership:

Many players previously reported having an expired PS+ membership prevented them from accessing the games they bought. So make sure to check your membership and renew it.

Activate the main PS4 account:

If you use a PS4 account to play the game, that’s different from the one you used while purchasing the game, you might face problems. So the solution is to shift to the main PS4 account you used to buy the game. You can do that by heading to the Settings option, choosing Account Management, and selecting the option that says Activate As Primary PS4.

Refresh and restore your licenses:

If your game license isn’t active, they might get error messages like the one stated here. So you should make sure to refresh and restore it before trying to open the game again.

If you find that none of the above solutions are working, then contact Sony. They will be able to verify your purchase and then guide you through the correct steps so that you can play your game again. Cannot use the content ps4 purchase from PlayStation store

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