Can You Upgrade A Laptop’s, Graphics Card?

Can You Upgrade A Laptop’s, Graphics Card

Do you want to play more games on your laptop? Then you must have heard people saying that you should upgrade laptop graphics card. But the question is- can you even do that? After all, a laptop and a desktop are two very different things, and they are built differently.

Now you must be asking- just how difficult is it to upgrade my laptop’s GPU? Then let me tell you the answer in detail below.

Can You Upgrade A Laptop’s Graphics Card?

Do note that a laptop is lightweight, and to make it lightweight, the parts within it are soldered on compactly. So you will find that there’s not much space within it actually to make many adjustments.

Most new laptops are made using integrated GPUs, and if your laptop has one as well, it’s not possible to upgrade your GPU. This is because integrated GPUs are connected to the CPU so that if you change the GPU, you will have to change the entire motherboard of the laptop. Rather than doing that, you can instead buy a new laptop.

However, if you have a dedicated GPU, then there is some hope. This is because dedicated GPUs have their slot in the laptop. So this means that they aren’t integrated with the CPU, so you have to overhaul the entire system to upgrade a GPU. But even then, it will not be easy to change your GPU.

Note that this is because the dedicated GPU slot is small, and no matter what new GPU card you have, you have to make it fit within it. Also, know that your problems won’t end even if you manage to fit the card in that slot. This is because different GPUs have different power and voltage demands.

So you will have to alter the existing connections to ensure that they can work in tandem with your new card. You will have to make sure that your laptop’s cooling system can cool off the excess heat generated by the new GPU.

As such, it’s a hassle to upgrade even a laptop that comes with a dedicated GPU. Many people instead buy a whole new laptop. But if you can’t do that, then there is a way out.

Is There No Way To Upgrade The GPU Of A Laptop?

While there is no way to upgrade the GPU of a laptop from the inside, you can upgrade it from the outside. Note that you can do this with the help of an external GPU, also called an eGPU.

This GPU can be attached to any of your laptop‘s USB ports, and then you can use it to run the applications you want. However, if you are expecting some fantastic upgrades to your graphics, I would advise you to tame your expectations.

This is because you will get a 10% to 15% reduced performance out of that external GPU. So when it comes to getting a great price-to-performance ratio, this isn’t a great deal for it. But if you have to use a better GPU, then this will work.

If you want to change and upgrade your GPU internally, note that it’s pretty much impossible. Know that if you have an integrated GPU, you can simply forget about it, but there’s some hope if you have a dedicated GPU. But even then, it’s a real hassle to change the surrounding connections to support your new GPU. It’s often advised that you just a new laptop instead. But if you can’t do that, then an eGPU is the solution you are looking for. It’s not an ideal solution, but it will save you if you need an upgraded GPU.

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