Can You Download Digital Games On Ps5 Disc Version?

can you download digital games on PS5 disc version

PlayStation is an exclusive video gaming company. The first-ever Playstation was released in Japan, and ever since then, this gaming brand has been the #1 choice of gamers from all around the world. Not only a PS allows you to enjoy a high-defined gaming experience but also enjoy innovative controllers, games, online multiplayer options, and so much more. In fact, it also lets you save your online game, so you do not miss out at all. However, you need gaming cassettes in order to play on Ps5. But, can you download digital games on PS5 disc version?

The answer is Yes.

Download Digital Games on Ps5 Disc Version

Even though the brand offers both Digital and Disc versions of PS5, a lot of people like collecting cassettes,  so they choose to remain with the old school version. Sadly, there are several games that are not available physically. This is why PlayStation lets you enjoy both cassette games as well as digitally downloaded games on PS5. Yet, if you still wonder can you download digital games on PS5 disc version and how exactly will you do so, then all you need to do is follow the steps:

  1. First, you need to download the PlayStation app and link it with your gaming console. If, in any case, you are unable to download the PlayStation app, you can also sign in to the official site of PlayStation, i.e., com.
  2. Once the process is completed, you need to open the ‘Game Library’ and tap on ‘Purchased’.
  3. Then, you need to look for the game you want to install. Click on the game and tap on the ‘Download’ button. You will notice your game beginning to install.
  4. You will receive a notification on your phone once your favorite game is downloaded. However, this will happen only if you use the PS app. know more PS4

Other Controls

You can also set up an Auto-download and update system. This will automatically download or update your games and store them on your gaming console without having you spend your precious time behind them. However, in order to enable auto-download and auto-update, you need to make sure that your gaming console is properly connected to the internet. This is applicable even when you are not using it. You can leave your PlayStation 5 gaming console in ‘Rest Mode’. The Rest Mode allows you to turn off the console. In fact, with the help of Rest Mode, you start from where you left. This lets you enjoy gaming without having to start over again.


As we mentioned before, PlayStation is a popular gaming brand that focuses majorly on the first-class gaming experience of each and every PS player. Perhaps that is why the brand also allows its customers to enjoy both digitally downloaded games and disc-installed games.

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