Can I Use My Laptop As a Monitor For My PS4?

Can I Use My Laptop As a Monitor For My PS4

There are times when we want to use our laptops as a display screen for our PS4e. But the question that people always ask me is- can I use my laptop as a monitor for my ps4? After all, is it even possible to do so? So note that the short answer is that yes, you can do it. But you will need some additional components to make it possible.

Here I will tell you all about it.

How To Use Your Laptop As A Display Screen For Your Sony PS4?

Know that the process isn’t as easy as connecting a high-quality HDMI cable right from your console to your laptop. First of all, you need to ensure that your laptop is compatible with video input that will allow you to play the PS4 games.

Note that most laptops don’t support video input since the HDMI port is an output port and one-directional only. This means that using the port, you can project the laptop’s screen somewhere, but you won’t be able to see the screen of another device on here. Know that it’s the same problem with the PS4 device, too, since it features an HDMI output port only.

But there are two ways you can use your laptop as a screen:

With the help of a capture card

This is an easy method to get your laptop PS4 ready. However, do note that you will have to spend some amount on getting all the things prepared for your setting. This means that you will need a high quality video capture card, WiFi or ethernet connection, HDMI cable, and a laptop that can share files. So let us begin:

  • First, you will have to take your PS4 and turn on your file-sharing option from the Setting menu. Then choose the Network option to set the internet connection. If you don’t have wireless connection, then you can make use of your WiFi router and then use the computer and PS4 configurations to connect.
  • Once you have established the network connection, it will be possible to begin streaming between the two machines. Then you need to attach the capture card using your laptop’s USB port. These video cards come with an installation guide, so you won’t face problems installing and setting up the program.
  • Now you will need an s-video connection to join your capture card with the PS4. After you have connected the PS4 and video capture card, it’s time to run it and then switch on your PS4. This software will automatically track your console and then project it on the laptop screen. So now you can carry on gaming.

With the help of HDMI

Know that the PS4 console comes with the RemotePlay option that will allow you to stream your games on your laptop. This tool will allow you to connect your console to your laptop remotely.

If you want to go for this option, then you need to have a good quality USB cable/USB wireless adapter, a laptop, your PS4, and your PlayStation account details. Note that you will also need an LCD screen to carry out the PS4 settings. So here’s how to use HDMI to connect your laptop to your PS4:

First, download the newest version of Remote Play from Sony’s site. Make sure that it works with the laptop configuration you have. Note that this app comes with an installer. So it will be easy to download it.

Once installation is done, switch on the PS4 and head to your Settings options so that you can switch on the Sony Remote Play option. Now you need to ensure that you have proper network access. You can do it by activating your PS4 or just keeping it on the rest mode.

After that, you need to switch on the “EnableTurningOn” option. This will allow you to run the PS4 from the setup network. After this, switch on the option stating “Remote Application” from your app settings option. While in the Settings option, you need to set your screen resolution ideally at just 720p. Now, use your USB cable to connect your laptop and PS4.

Know that you will be able to pair the controllers by inserting your USB adapter. This will make a Start button show up on your Remote Play application. Now you need to click on that. As a result, the PlayStation login will show up, and the app will automatically select the PS4 system. Now you can stream the games you like.


Here are the two options that will allow you to use your laptop as a display monitor for your PS4 console. So choose the one that’s right for you. As you can see, the setup process for both options can be a little complicated. So you need to be calm while carrying out the steps. But know that if you follow the instructions, you will easily play games on your laptop.

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